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The 10 Top-Selling Movies Of 2015, According To Google Play
2015 may have been a mammoth year at the box office, but it was also a strong outing at the home market. Google Play crunched the numbers, and here are their ten best sellers of the year.
get hard Brent McKnight 2015-12-04
Will Ferrell's 10 Best Co-Stars, Ranked
Brace yourselves, as we're about to evaluate days of Ferrell past and count down the 10 best partners to buddy up with the weird and wondrous man we know as Will Ferrell.
get hard Mike Reyes 2015-09-03
Will Ferrell And Kevin Hart's Get Hard Should Have Been A Rom-Com
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart's Get Hard was maligned by critics, but to celebrate its Blu-ray/DVD release, the studio has released a new trailer that envisions the crass buddy comedy as sweet rom com.
get hard Joseph Baxter 2015-06-30
New DVD Releases: June 2015 In Home Entertainment
As the TV season is wrapping up, the studios are putting out a ton of TV-related releases  in June, it almost dwarfs all the big movies hitting Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.
get hard Jessica Rawden 2015-05-24
Weekend Box Office - Home Lands First Place, Get Hard Takes Strong Second
It felt like Spring Break at the movies this weekend as DreamWorks hit something of a Home-run while Get Hard also drew strong numbers at the box office.
get hard Scott Gwin 2015-03-29
The 15 Best Will Ferrell Characters, Ranked
Everyone's got at least one favorite Will Ferrell performance, and odds are yours is included in this list of 15 show stoppers. Or is it?
get hard Mike Reyes 2015-03-24
This Rotten Week: Predicting Get Hard And Home Reviews
The spring movie season is continuing on in dribs and drabs in 2015, as it’s been some time since there’s been anything for us to get too worked up over. It’s that post-Oscars, pre-summer lull when studios throw out a bunch of mediocrity in the hopes that something sticks. This week we get hard on the way home.
get hard Doug Norrie 2015-03-22
Kevin Hart Hosting The 2016 Oscars? Here's What He Said
There’s no doubt about it -- the Oscars need to shake things up after that less-than-stellar ceremony earlier this year. Could someone like, say, the uproarious Kevin Hart turn things around for the 2016 Oscars? The comedian is definitely eyeing the hosting gig.
get hard Nick Romano 2015-03-20
Get Hard Director Defends Claims That The Comedy's Too Racist
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart knew they were going to embrace an R rating from the MPAA, and pulled no punches in exploring the racial divide while also serving what sounds like an hysterical premise. Will it be too offensive?
get hard Sean O'Connell 2015-03-17
4 Huge Movies That Are Premiering At SXSW
Many of these big titles will be playing the opening weekend of the big event, but what exactly should you be keeping your eye out for? In order to help answer that question, we’ve thrown together a quick guide highlighting some of the big movies of SXSW, when they are playing, and why we are so excited to see them.
get hard Eric Eisenberg 2015-03-13
Why Will Ferrell Fought The Studio To Make Get Hard Rated R
It’s hard to make a prison comedy without letting the language get a little… well, “hard” is the right adjective, once again. This was the chief lesson learned by Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart as the comedians started collaborating on Get Hard.
get hard Sean O'Connell 2015-03-09
Will Ferrell Calls One Get Hard Scene The Riskiest Thing He's Ever Done
Get Hard will hold its premiere at the SXSW film festival later this month, so look for our review out of Austin once it screens. Everyone else will be able to see the new comedy when it opens in theaters on March 27.
get hard Sean O'Connell 2015-03-09
The Get Hard Red-Band Trailer Is Filthy In All The Best Ways
The red-band trailer for Etan Cohen’s Get Hard just dropped, and it’s like Oz by way of Trading Places, mixed with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker’s Friday.
get hard Sean O'Connell 2015-03-02
10 Exciting SXSW Movies You're Going To Be Hearing A Ton About
We are now only a little over a month away from the start of the annual SXSW Film Festival in Austin, and judging from the list of features that will be both premiering and screening, this year’s event should wind up being a great one. But amongst all of the titles, which ones are the big standouts?
get hard Eric Eisenberg 2015-02-03
New Get Hard Trailer: Watch Will Ferrell Get Stabbed In The Face
Have you ever wondered what Will Ferrell would do if he got stabbed in the face? Well, wonder no more because in the new trailer for his upcoming film Get Hard, that’s exactly what happens.
get hard William Fanelli 2015-01-15
Get Hard Trailer: Will Ferrell's New Movie Looks Politically Incorrect and Hilarious
Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart will finally work together in a witty and hysterical movie that works to satirize some of the serious social issues occurring today.
get hard Catarina Cowden 2014-12-19
Kevin Hart Is Pissed About Those Leaked Sony Emails
The story seems to have sparked after Sony execs, in emails that have leaked, referred to Hart as a “whore” because he asked to get paid for a promotional Tweet.
get hard Sean O'Connell 2014-12-12
Will Ferrell Looks Like The Flashiest Hunter In The World In This Get Hard Image
The first images for Get Hard have been released and they show Kevin Hart and Will Ferelll getting up to all kind of comedic scrapes. But will the comedy heavyweights be able to work alongside each other with aplomb, or will their immense talents ultimately capsize the film?
get hard Gregory Wakeman 2014-11-19
Kevin Hart-Will Ferrell Comedy Get Hard Adds Community's Alison Brie
Those of you who watch the NBC sitcom Community already know that Alison Brie is one of the funniest female comedic actors, but now she's ready to once again bring her talents to the big screen. Brie has become the latest to sign on for Get Hard, the new comedy in the works at Warner Bros. that is already set to star Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart.
get hard Eric Eisenberg 2014-03-17
Kevin Hart-Will Ferrell Comedy 'Get Hard' Picks Up A 2015 Release Date
Get Hard will tell the story of a wealthy investment banker (Ferrell) who finds his life start going down the drain when he is arrested for a crime he didn't commit. With prison time looming and a tremendous fear of being manhandled by his fellow inmates, he decides that his best course of action is to hire the guy who washes his car (Hart) to teach him how to be an intimidating badass.
get hard Eric Eisenberg 2014-02-24
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