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Chevy Chase Doesn't Get Why People Compare Christmas Vacation To This Holiday Classic
Many would consider Christmas Vacation to be a holiday classic. But does it rank up there with It’s a Wonderful Life? Some may think so, but Chevy Chase isn’t among them. In fact, he doesn’t seem to see the sense in comparing the two films.
it's a wonderful life Kelly West 2014-12-24
The 10 Greatest Christmas Movies Of All-Time, According To British People
Great Britain has voted Elf the greatest Christmas film of all time. The Will Ferrell comedy beat out the likes of It’s A Wonderful Life, Home Alone and Love Actually to the accolade.
it's a wonderful life Gregory Wakeman 2014-12-09
It's A Wonderful Life: A First-Timer's Melancholy Take On The Holiday Classic
With 30 Christmases behind me, an outsider would have good odds on betting I’d at least once in my life experienced a full sitting of Frank Capra’s seminal 1946 Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life. But like several similarly cherished films of yesteryear, I just never put my mind to watching it, having somehow skirted around it as a kid and the rampant outpouring of pubescent cynicism held it at bay for the next 18 years.
it's a wonderful life Nick Venable 2013-12-24
45 Important Lessons Christmas Movies Have Taught Us
For the seasoned holiday celebrator, there are many vital Christmas lessons that will eventually be learned over the years. Like not to wait until Christmas Eve to do your shopping, remember to keep the tree watered and if you have a cat, put the shiniest and most delicate ornaments out of paw’s reach, if possible. Also avoid tinsel. If you have a cat, you know why. As it happens, movies are also chock full of learning lessons, especially Christmas movies...
it's a wonderful life Kelly West 2013-12-16
See It's A Wonderful Life Done Scorsese Style With Clever Wolf Of Bedford Falls Trailer
We can call George Bailey a lot of things, but a money-hungry opportunist isn’t one of them. In fact, the man seemed to take every opportunity presented to him to be a decent, selfless person, putting the needs of the town of Bedford Falls ahead of his dreams at every turn. But you’d never guess that watching the trailer above, which cleverly turns It’s A Wonderful Life into The Wolf of Bedford Falls.
it's a wonderful life Kelly West 2013-11-29
It's A Wonderful Life Sequel Will Not Happen Without A Fight From Paramount
So are we safely able to breathe a sigh of relief and chalk this up as a dodged bullet? Will Paramount repeatedly deny and block any progress on a Wonderful Life sequel? If there’s a Movie God, the answer is yes.
it's a wonderful life Sean O'Connell 2013-11-20
It's A Wonderful Life Sequel Is In The Works
We’ll just go ahead and rip the bandage off: It’s A Wonderful Life is getting a sequel. And not a made-for-TV Hallmark-Lifetime-ABC Family-style sequel, but an actual feature film that follows up on the 1946 Frank Capra classic, which will focus on George Bailey’s unlikable grandson. Karolyn Grimes, who played Zuzu in the original film, will appear in the sequel, taking what sounds like the Clarence role.
it's a wonderful life Kelly West 2013-11-18
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