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What That Secret Lonely Island Movie Is About
Late last week, news came out that Judd Apatow was teaming up with the men from The Lonely Island to make a feature film. What that news lacked, however, was a firm title for the project, or a description of what the movie will be about. Well, you need not wonder any longer, as plot details for the feature have just become public.
sarah silverman Eric Eisenberg 2015-05-19
SNL Gives The Fault In Our Stars An Ebola Sequel
Thanks to constant media coverage of the Ebola outbreak in western Africa and the reports of cases found in Texas, the public is on high alert where the deadly disease is concerned. The CDC has said that there is a very low chance of an outbreak here in the States, but still fear and paranoia has exist. Of course, topical comedy is always common in cases like this, which is how we’ve come to the Saturday Night Live sketch inside
sarah silverman Eric Eisenberg 2014-10-05
Sarah Silverman May Become A Prostitute For Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways To Die In The West
The main story, scripted by MacFarlane and Ted writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, follows Albert (MacFarlane) a sheep farmer who loses his pride and his girlfriend (Seyfried) when he chickens out of a duel.
sarah silverman Eric Eisenberg 2013-03-18
Wreck-It Ralph 2 Happening And A Big Name Character May Finally Appear
Wreck-It Ralph has been one of the biggest hits of the fall season, already netting more than $200 million worldwide on the power of family audiences, with kids attracted to the candy-colored world and parents getting nostalgic for the video games of their youth. When you've got a movie that's such a big hit
sarah silverman Katey Rich 2012-12-07
Video Interviews: The Cast Of Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck-It Ralph isn’t a great movie just because of its astoundingly creative story, beautiful animation, and its impressive world-building – it also has some truly top-notch vocal performances. Featuring the likes of John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch, the feature is cast perfectly up and down and while their voices are familiar, all of the stars are still able to disappear into their characters and give them independent life.
sarah silverman Eric Eisenberg 2012-11-01
Take This Waltz Trailer: You Really Have To See This Divisive Romance For Yourself
I'm head over heels for this movie, and have a hard time understanding the negative reaction that a fair number of critics had in Toronto. But come on, when something is that polarizing, aren't you pretty much commanded to see it for yourself? Take This Waltz will play at the Tribeca Film Festival this month, and it opens in limited release June 29.
sarah silverman Katey Rich 2012-04-05
Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Judy Greer And More On Burt Wonderstone Short List
Deadline reports that Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Judy Greer, Sarah Silverman and Jessia Biel are in the running to fill out the comedic triangle, though we’re not sure yet what role the actress would play in director Don Scardino’s film. But depending on which actress you choose, you’re going to get a specific tone that could take Wonderstone in completely different directions.
sarah silverman Sean O'Connell 2011-10-27
First Trailer For The Indie Comedy Peep World
Since 2006 when the series was canceled far before its time, fans of Arrested Development have been clamoring for a movie adaptation. We've heard plenty of promises of "coming soon"
sarah silverman Eric Eisenberg 2011-01-28
Sarah Silverman Filming Nude Scenes For Take This Waltz
Sarah Polley is as a director, known for female-centric indie movies about women, and her next movie Take this Waltz fits into this mold… except without the usual independent
sarah silverman Josh Tyler 2010-09-19
Sarah Silverman Will Take This Waltz With Sarah Polley
Sarah Silverman has signed on to play Rogen's sister in the film, while Rogen is playing the husband of Williams' character, the lead, who falls for a new guy while on a business trip
sarah silverman Katey Rich 2010-04-28
Trailer: Steve Buscemi Is St. John Of Las Vegas
The first trailer for IndieVest Pictures' Saint John of Las Vegas has dropped and it looks funny in that dry, Coen brothers sort of way that has you laughing at things
sarah silverman Will LeBlanc 2009-12-05
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