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Tom Cruise Gets Drenched Accepting Pan Cast's Ice Bucket Challenge
2014 is evidently the summer of the Ice Bucket Challenge -- an effort to raise money and awareness for ALS -- and the trend has very clearly spread to movie sets.
tom cruise Kelly West 2014-08-20
Did Warner Bros. Change Edge Of Tomorrow's Title Again?
How do you take a movie so well received as Edge Of Tomorrow and make sure no one goes and sees it? Simple: keep changing the damned title until nobody knows what movie to look for!
tom cruise Mike Reyes 2014-08-14
Mission: Impossible 5 - Find Out When And Where It Shoots
Before signing off, I asked Simon Pegg if he knew when he would begin filming the fifth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise, where he’ll reprise his role as Benji Dunn. Pegg shared a few key details.
tom cruise Sean O'Connell 2014-07-31
Tom Cruise Rumored To Cameo In Star Wars: Episode VII
Tom Cruise is still one of the biggest stars in the universe. Edge Of Tomorrow is going to be considered an “underperformer” even though it could end up grossing $400 million worldwide. If a guy has a history of smash movies that continues until today, and he's a buddy of Abrams, and he's a Star Wars fan, you don't think Disney is going to act on that until now?
tom cruise Gabe Toro 2014-06-25
Thrilling Tom Cruise Supercut Teases Alamo Drafthouse's Cruise Control Marathon
Alamo Drafthouse feels the need for Cruise! They're celebrating Tom Cruise's extensive body of work with an event called "Cruise Control," a mystery marathon of five Tom Cruise films on 35mm. It's set to take place at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, TX next month. Even for those of us who are nowhere near Texas, this trailer for Cruise Control will have us all craving a Cruise marathon.
tom cruise Kelly West 2014-06-24
6 Hilarious Edge Of Tomorrow Moments We Need To Talk About
Early in Tom Cruise’s career, he was able to find the balance between humor and seriousness repeatedly. In recent years, it’s been a little more difficult. So, it’s time we took a few steps back and celebrate how Edge Of Tomorrow truly gets its right. Here are the 6 funniest moments in the film…
tom cruise Mack Rawden 2014-06-10
12 Dramatic Actors Who Seriously Need To Try More Comedy
Hollywood is filled with actors who definitely have a funny bone, but just no opportunity to show it. Here are a dozen actors that we thought could benefit from a lead comedic role, something silly and lightweight to diversify their careers and show their fans that sometimes, being a movie star means just having a good time.
tom cruise Gabe Toro 2014-06-10
Edge Of Tomorrow Reactions: There's A Lot To Talk About Here
Edge of Tomorrow has officially arrived in theaters! It's earned a lot of praise from critics. Now it's time for the rest of us to hash out what we loved (or didn't love) about the sci-fi film. Get ready for the necessary spoiler warning. If you haven't seen the movie yet, turn back now!
tom cruise Kelly West 2014-06-06
The 6 Greatest Tom Cruise Movies Of All Time Are...
If anything, Tom Cruise is undervalued as an actor. Industry pundits pay close attention to his global drawing power, with little to no credit given to his performances – a short-sighted approach that overlooks some incredible turns under the direction of multiple, powerful directors.
tom cruise Sean, Eric, Kristy, Gabe, Mack, Mike 2014-06-05
Tom Cruise Watches Way More Movies Than You Would Guess
Tom Cruise watches a movie a day. Only his movies though. Ok, he's kidding about that part, but the Edge of Tomorrow star did tell Jimmy Fallon that he keeps up with the latest films. Cruise visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night in anticipation of Edge of Tomorrow's arrival in theaters tomorrow (or tonight, technically).
tom cruise Kelly West 2014-06-05
Edge Of Tomorrow Has Already Grossed $20 Million Overseas
Much like his recent film, Edge of Tomorrow, Tom Cruise seems to be in a constant loop of evaluation. His status as a box office star is constantly in question with every new film he releases, and so far he seem to be doing rather well for himself.
tom cruise Mike Reyes 2014-06-02
New Edge Of Tomorrow Trailer Has Tom Cruise Facing Aliens, Explosions And Death
Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cold out there today. Ok, I realize the Groundhog Day nods at Edge of Tomorrow are probably already getting tired, but it's hard to hear the words "It's a new day people" in the newest EoT trailer and not think of Bill Murray's alarm clock.
tom cruise Kelly West 2014-05-12
Tom Cruise's Edge Of Tomorrow Unveils Four New Featurettes
Edge Of Tomorrow is on the edge of most critic's summer movie pools. It could be a breakout hit that Tom Cruise and Doug Liman could ride to glory, or it could be another reminder to Emily Blunt that Scarlett Johannson took her spot on the Marvel Cinematic Bus to Paycheck Land.
tom cruise Mike Reyes 2014-05-12
Tom Cruise To Attend Three Edge Of Tomorrow Premieres In Three Countries In One Day
Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt will be everywhere at once later this month for the premiere of Warner Bros.' Edge of Tomorrow. Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but they're aiming to attend three premieres of the film in three separate countries a single day.
tom cruise Kelly West 2014-05-08
Tom Cruise Hit With $1 Billion Lawsuit Claiming The Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Plot Was Stolen
Screenwriter Timothy Patrick McLanahan claims he first started shopping around a script he wrote called Head On back in 1998 and that some time between then and the making of Ghost Protocol the production team stole his idea and violated his copyright.
tom cruise Eric Eisenberg 2014-02-05
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