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Mission: Impossible 6 Just Found The Perfect Director
Mission: Impossible 6 is bringing back a familiar face to helm the project behind the camera.
tom cruise Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-11-30
Tom Cruise May Front A Universal Monster Movie
Tom Cruise has played countless iconic characters in his career as one of the biggest movie stars in the world, but now he may tackle one of the most legendary movie monsters of all.
tom cruise Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-11-24
Val Kilmer Says He's In For Top Gun 2, Throws Out A Few Shocking Names
There have been rumors for years that a Top Gun 2 has been in perpetual development. We know there have been strong story ideas. Val Kilmer says heís on board, but itís the other people he says are involved that really got our attention.
tom cruise Dirk Libbey 2015-11-17
What Tom Cruise Wants To Do Before He Makes Mission: Impossible 6
When Mission: Impossible Ė Rogue Nation ripped a hole through the summer box office, it reminded the industry that Cruise can be one of the most bankable assets in a studioís arsenal, and now the actor has a plethora of projects on his radar.
tom cruise Sean O'Connell 2015-10-27
Tom Cruise's Upcoming Drug Comedy Mena Already Facing Legal Problems
Lawsuits can do one of two things. They can raise awareness for a project in development. Or they can damage the credibility of a story before the movie has even been screened.
tom cruise Sean O'Connell 2015-10-16
Watch Tom Cruise Hold His Breath For A Ridiculous Amount Of Time In Mission: Impossible Vid
Tom Cruise is well known for doing his own extreme stunts, and if you've ever wanted to watch him hold his breath underwater for six minutes, now is your chance.
tom cruise Brent McKnight 2015-10-02
Jack Reacher 2 Has Found Its Villain
Playing a heavy against Tom Cruise might be a good way to kick start ones career. So with a new, fresh-faced actor playing the villain in Jack Reacher 2, that luck might start to rub off on the next generation of actors.
tom cruise Mike Reyes 2015-09-23
Jack Reacher 2 Wants Straight Outta Compton Star For Mysterious Role
Though it's been a few years in the making, Jack Reacher 2 has gradually been building steam, and they just added a Straight Outta Compton star in a mystery role.
tom cruise Brent McKnight 2015-09-17
The Jack Reacher Franchise Is Adding A Major Character, Get The Details
Jack Reacher is a loner. A wanderer. But with each new mission, in each strange location, Reacher picks up acquaintances who help him along his way, and itís sounding like Tom Cruise is narrowing down the search for a current co-star.
tom cruise Sean O'Connell 2015-09-16
Why Emily Blunt Is Hesitant About Making Edge Of Tomorrow 2
Recently there has been talk of a possible sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, although co-star Emily Blunt has some reservations about the idea.
tom cruise Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-09-13
Deadly Plane Crash Occurs On Set Of Tom Cruise Film Mena
Breaking news has come in that a deadly plane crash occurred on set of Tom Cruise's latest movie Mena. A small plane which was assigned to the crew of the film had a horrific accident leaving two dead and one seriously injured.
tom cruise Catarina Cowden 2015-09-12
Tom Cruise And Edge Of Tomorrow Director Are Making Another Sci-Fi Movie Together
Tom Cruise and director Doug Liman found such unexpected success in the sci-fi space that theyíre looking to let the good times roll. After Edge of Tomorrow proved to be a sleeper hit of last summer, the leading man is now looking to join Luna Park, another genre film thatís also been Limanís passion project for quite some time.
tom cruise Nick Romano 2015-09-09
Brilliant Movie Mashup Brings All Your Favorite Characters To The Same Dance Club
I donít want to alarm anyone, but this might be the best mashup video of all time. The opening title card sets the scene: ďThere is a place or fictional characters meet. Outside of time, outside of all logic. This place is known as Hellís Club.Ē Watch the mashup below.
tom cruise Nick Romano 2015-09-03
The Biggest Winners And Losers Of The 2015 Summer Movie Season
Before we fully turn the calendarís page to September, though, we want to digest everything that happened these past few months. There have been surprises (both good and bad), and lessons learned by the industry and its patrons. Who are summerís biggest Winners and Losers?
tom cruise Sean O'Connell 2015-09-01
10 Last-Minute Casting Changes That Altered Major Movies
Casting chops and changes are made on a regular basis. But which films were drastically altered because of the departure of their A-list leading man? Have a gander inside to see.
tom cruise Gregory Wakeman 2015-09-01
How Jack Reacher 2 Will Separate Itself From The Mission: Impossible Movies
Jack Reacher is an ex-military officer who travels the country on a pilgrimage of sorts, stumbling into hardship cases and coming to the rescue of those in need simply because he wants to see good triumph over inherent evils. Reacherís quiet, unassuming, but larger than life and brimming with confidence.
tom cruise Sean O'Connell 2015-08-24
Jack Reacher 2 May Have Found A New Female Lead
When Tom Cruise shoots Jack Reacher 2 later this year, don't expect to see the same leading lady as The Avengers Cobie Smulders is in talks to take the primary female role.
tom cruise Gregory Wakeman 2015-08-15
When Mission: Impossible 6 Will Probably Hit Theaters
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation was a massive success for Paramount. So itís no surprise that the studio wants to deliver M:I 6 sooner than later.
tom cruise Nick Romano 2015-08-12
Tom Cruise's Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Idea Really Works, According To Christopher McQuarrie
Will it happen? Itís really far too early to tell. Christopher McQuarrie admitted in the same interview that this is just the ďthe kernel of an idea,Ē and that multiple parties need to get on board with it before it ever becomes a movie that might make it to movie theaters. But they are talking about it.
tom cruise Sean O'Connell 2015-08-10
Mission: Impossible Borrows From This Unexpected Film Genre
While Rogue Nation is being touted as one of the best action films of the year, itís influences are much more widespread than that. In fact, Tom Cruise has revealed that the silent comedy genre was a huge inspiration during the conception of Rogue Nationís most exhilarating scenes.
tom cruise Gregory Wakeman 2015-08-06
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