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Transformers Franchise Confirms Four More Sequels
The Transformers Cinematic Universe is not planning on taking a break anytime soon. As Paramount Pictures previously addressed, the studio has big plans for the Autobots and Decepticons taking over the big screen, and now we know just how big those plans are. Hasbro has revealed that the Transformers writers room came up with enough material to confidently confirm four more Transformers sequels.
transformers Catarina Cowden 2015-10-03
New Transformers Animated Movie Is Coming, May Actually Be About Transformers
In addition to Transformers 5, the Transformers franchise has also set their sights beyond live action. There is now an animated movie in the works, one which may not have humans hogging the spotlight.
transformers Adam Holmes 2015-09-17
Transformers 5 Will Go In One Of These Two Directions
The upcoming Transformers 5 will deviate from the franchise's typical formula, and feature dual storylines that take the saga of the Autobots and Decepticons in a new direction.
transformers Conner Schwerdtfeger 2015-09-10
This Kid's Transformers Birthday Cake Is The Coolest Dessert Ever
Each of every one of us still dabbles in nibbling a quick slice of cake or three now that weíre a bit older. Itís just that you canít help but feel guilty when you do. However, if I was to be presented with the same spectacular Transformers cake as below, I think the overwhelming feeling of childish joy would soon return to me.
transformers Gregory Wakeman 2015-08-27
The Transformers Franchise Is Learning Valuable Lessons From Television
The Transformers franchise is a box-office powerhouse, having collectively made billions. Yet, itís a different story when it comes to deep narratives that stand the test of time. Thus, the studio has corralled a number of prominent writers from the world of television with designs to ensure that this insanely profitable IP continues its world-wrecking ways at the box-office.
transformers Joseph Baxter 2015-07-29
Will Mark Wahlberg Make More Transformers Movies? Here's What He Said
Will Mark Wahlberg reprise his role as Cade Yeager in Transformers 5? He needs to talk to Michael Bay first.
transformers Gregory Wakeman 2015-06-12
Daredevil Showrunner To Help Mold The Future Of Transformers
The folks behind Transformers have spent the last few weeks assembling a writing team that will guide the franchise into the future, and while there are already some big names involved, today the group got just a little bit bigger.
transformers Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-08
Wait, A Transformer Actually Cameos In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2?
Michael Bay produces the Transformers movies. He also produces the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies. It was really only a matter of time before he used one to give himself a pat on the back for the other.
transformers Dirk Libbey 2015-06-08
Transformers' Brain Trust Could Be A Game-Changer For The Franchise
Transformers is on the verge of a major shift. The era of Michael Bay-directed movies in the franchise ended with Transformers: Age of Extinction, but a new era has begun, and itís being ushered in by a large brain trust of both experienced and up-and-coming writers.
transformers Eric Eisenberg 2015-06-04
Transformers Braintrust Adds Two Female Writers To Help Shape Series' Future
That big name writer's room for Transformers is not such a boy's club anymore as they've hired two new female writers.
transformers Brent McKnight 2015-06-03
Bumblebee May Get A Spinoff Transformers Movie
The Transformers film franchise continues to chug along nicely behind the scenes with Paramount Pictures and Hasbro Toys collectively planning to up an ante thatís already in the billions. However, it seems that one of those plans could involve a spinoff movie focusing on one key Autobot in Bumblebee. Could the yellow, voice-sampling VW-turned Camaro carry a movie on his own?
transformers Joseph Baxter 2015-05-29
Beyblade Toys Are Getting A Live-Action Movie
Beyblade toys are the latest franchise that Paramount Pictures have got their hands on.
transformers Gregory Wakeman 2015-05-28
Will Transformers Move The Action To Cybertron In The Future?
The Transformers franchise could take a different approach next time out, moving the metal massacre to the Transformers' home planet Cybertron.
transformers Joseph Baxter 2015-05-27
Transformers Universe Will Expand With A-List Writers, Including Walking Dead's Creator
These guys are taking control of the Transformers universe.
transformers Eric Eisenberg 2015-05-20
Watch The Transformers Ruin Inception, Titanic And All Of Our Favorite Movies
Michael Bayís Transformers film franchise is a crushing colossus that callously walks across box-office surfaces to the sound of trembling Earth as it smashes its competition to bits. Yet, the only real takeaway from the films is that they break the world to bits in each entry. Now, thanks to this hilarious supercut, we get to see an array of our favorite films suffer their wrath!
transformers Joseph Baxter 2015-05-20
Sorry Transformers, Furious 7 Just Shattered Your Impressive Global Box Office Record
Furious 7 just overtook Transformers: Age of Extinction as the number one grossing movie in China.
transformers Ayanna Julien 2015-04-28
Transformers 5 Is Happening, But You'll Have To Wait
Hasbro and Paramount Pictures are not ready to give up on Transformers. We already knew that Transformers 5 and more live-action sequels were in the works, but when are they coming?
transformers Nick Romano 2015-04-20
Shia LaBeouf Has A Problem With The Transformers And Michael Bay
Shia LaBeouf has once again taken aim at the Transformers franchise and Michael Bay.
transformers Gregory Wakeman 2015-04-17
Transformers Has A Massive New Plan To Ramp Up Its Cinematic Universe
It is being reported that Paramount Pictures has big plans for the future of its Transformers film franchise in the form of multi-part sequel films to the already-enduring series of movies. Yeah, thatís right, the cinematic world is not quite done with the frenetic, destructive, product-placing world in which Autobots and Decepticons turn our cities into their personal Thunderdome.
transformers Joseph Baxter 2015-03-27
Paramount Is Promoting Transformers 4 For Best Picture. Seriously.
Apparently Paramount thinks Transformers 4 should win Best Picture this year. No, I'm not even kidding.
transformers Kendall Ashley 2014-12-08
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