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Transformers Has A Massive New Plan To Ramp Up Its Cinematic Universe
It is being reported that Paramount Pictures has big plans for the future of its Transformers film franchise in the form of multi-part sequel films to the already-enduring series of movies. Yeah, thatís right, the cinematic world is not quite done with the frenetic, destructive, product-placing world in which Autobots and Decepticons turn our cities into their personal Thunderdome.
transformers Joseph Baxter 2015-03-27
Paramount Is Promoting Transformers 4 For Best Picture. Seriously.
Apparently Paramount thinks Transformers 4 should win Best Picture this year. No, I'm not even kidding.
transformers Kendall Ashley 2014-12-08
The Real Reason Michael Bay Isn't Making Transformers
Michael Bay will definitely not be returning to the Transformers franchise for a fifth film after it was revealed that he will direct 13 Hours instead. Will Michael Bay finally deliver a nuanced, subtle movie rather that a bombastic blockbuster though?
transformers Gregory Wakeman 2014-10-30
Watch Transformers: Age Of Extinction Get Hit With A Hilarious 30 Minute Assault
We've seen Cinema Sins tear apart quite a few movies in their time, but never has there been a film that needed a full half hour, two part takedown. That is, until now.
transformers Mike Reyes 2014-10-17
Transformers: Age Of Extinction Is Already China's Biggest Film Of All-Time
Since trade embargoes have loosened between China and America, it's resulted in a flood of Hollywood product reaching their shores, when earlier it was only a select few movies that would arrive in China, following heavy government censure.
transformers Gabe Toro 2014-07-08
Transformers Producer Says No G.I. Joe Crossover Is Planned... Yet
It's almost as if he's throwing shade at other franchises for their crossovers, subtly implying they've run out of stories. Pretty disingenuous considering we're dealing with properties based on toys: to say the four Transformers films actually have stories is like saying Mark Wahlberg would make a convincing Texan.
transformers Gabe Toro 2014-07-07
Did Transformers 4 Actually Make $100 Million Or Is Paramount Lying?
Hey, remember when Michael Bay gave the Transformers franchise a facelift, and the fourth installment opened to a jaw-dropping $100 million during its first weekend? Probably. That just happened this past weekend, but if executives from the studios not named Paramount Pictures are to be believed, it didnít actually happen at all.
transformers Mack Rawden 2014-06-30
Monday Movie Memo: Michael Bay Needs To Give Up Transformers
In today's Monday Movie Memo, I argue that the only way for Michael Bay to save the Transformers franchise is to hand it off to a different director for the series can benefit from an infusion of fresh blood.
transformers Sean O'Connell 2014-06-30
Michael Bay's Transformers: Age Of Extinction To Host A World Premiere Concert On June 19th
While the 1990's were THE era of the film driven single/soundtrack, the practice has kept itself alive in the niche of teen driven franchises. Outside of that domain, Michael Bay is one of the remaining purveyors of the music tie in, and he excels by keeping up with modern musical tastes. So naturally, he replaced previous partner Linkin Park with a fresh band that's sitting on top of the world: Imagine Dragons. The result of this pairing is more epic than you could dream of.
transformers Mike Reyes 2014-05-13
Transformers: Age Of Extinction Delivers Nothing But Action In Its International Clip
Transformers: Age of Extinction is a pretty awesome title for a movie, as it promises a lot in just four small words. Transformers: Lost Age is yet another really cool way to name a movie with mechanical creatures that time forgot. Either way, the movie is promising stacks of fun and explosions, and either way audiences worldwide are going to show up. So why then is there two different trailers, with two different titles, showing most of the same footage? PRIIIME!
transformers Mike Reyes 2014-04-25
Transformers 5 Might Be Slotted For 2017
But where do they go without Michael Bay? Surely he couldn't be coming back for a fifth film, right? The guy makes, literally, hundreds of millions on these films by shooting them in his signature kinetic style, securing licensing and merchandising funding, and getting these pictures wrapped under-budget and ahead of schedule.
transformers Gabe Toro 2014-04-07
Transformers: Age Of Extinction Footage Likely To Debut During Super Bowl
Iíll be very excited to see what Bay has to show. We know next to nothing about this sequel, as itís a departure from the trilogy Bay helped launch back in 2007. No Shia LaBeouf. No Megan Fox. No John Turturro getting ďurinatedĒ on by an Autobot.
transformers Sean O'Connell 2013-12-05
Michael Bay Attacked With An Air Conditioner On Transformers 4 Set
Actually, assault-with-a-deadly-air-conditioner sounds like a perfect tactic in a Michael Bay movie like Pain & Gain or Bad Boys II, but it was an unplanned part of his real life on the set of Transformers: Age of Extinction, which is currently filming in Hong Kong
transformers Katey Rich 2013-10-17
Michael Bay Smiles At Explosions Behind The Scenes Of Transformers: Age Of Extinction
Whether you love or loathe the director behind such unapologetic action spectacles as Bad Boys, The Rock, Armageddon and the Transformers threequel, can you help but smile at the sheer joy this moviemaker gets at blowing shit up for the sake of cinema?
transformers Kristy Puchko 2013-09-26
Transformers 4 Is A Deeply Chinese Movie, Apparently
The next Transformers movie is currently filming in China, in part, because theyíve run out of things to destroy in America, and in larger part because thereís a lot of money to be made there. Whatís surprising is that not only are they shooting there, apparently the movieís going to be sort of about China too.
transformers Josh Tyler 2013-06-26
Transformers 4 Reveals Another New Vehicle
Michael Bay has been slowly but surely teasing glimpses of the pre-transformed Transformers 4 automobiles for our viewing pleasure. Car enthusiasts and Transformers fans alike were given the opportunity to look at Bumblebee (a highly-modified vintage 1967 Camaro SS), Optimus Prime covered in flames, and two of the new characters (a Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse and a C7 Corvette Stingray). And today Bay has given us another new look.
transformers Kelly West 2013-06-07
Michael Bay Unveils The New Optimus Prime In Truck Form
Really, from grill to hood to headlights to flame design, everything about the new truck is updated and flashier, trading edges for a more rounded look. Iím just assuming the other side of the cam isnít painted green and orange.
transformers Nick Venable 2013-05-29
Michael Bay Reveals Mark Wahlberg's Co-Star For Transformers 4
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the new Shia LaBeouf! OK, not exactly, but Michael Bay has confirmed on his blog that young actor Jack Reynor has been cast to act opposite Mark Wahlberg in the upcoming Transformers 4.
transformers Sean O'Connell 2013-01-08
Michael Bay Picks A Fight With Hugo Weaving For Calling Megatron Role 'Meaningless'
On some level, sure, Michael Bay is right-- actors have pretty cushy jobs, and any complaining they do ought to be taken with a massive grain of salt and recognition that they're doing OK. But that's not really what Weaving was doing here. He was stating some basic facts about a voiceover job that didn't challenge him that much and wasn't that meaningful
transformers Katey Rich 2012-10-18
Pentagon Bails On The Avengers Because The Plot Wasn't Realistic
Wait, doesnít the military regularly consult with Michael Bay on the Transformers films? So the idea of a Decepticon being buried on the moon is more plausible then the comic-inspired mayhem in Whedonís film?
transformers Sean O'Connell 2012-05-07
Michael Bay Will Return To Direct Transformers 4
As you can tell it's still far, far too early to speculate on the story for a new film, or even which stars would be back for a new film-- though I'm guessing that the franchise is as finished with Shia LaBeouf as he seems with them, so I'd at least count on a new lead
transformers Katey Rich 2012-02-13
Transformers Super Bowl Teaser Has A Warning From Optimus Prime
Yes, that is in fact an ad for a theme park ride, specifically "Transformers The Ride 3D," which bows at Universal Studios Hollywood in May. When the full spot airs during the Super Bowl it will point you to the website Prepare For Battle, which hosts another video, this one looking a whole lot like the video you'll watch when waiting in line for the ride at Universal Studios
transformers Katey Rich 2012-02-01
Check Out The Trailer For Universal Studios' Transformers: The Ride 3D
I'm no fan of Michael Bay's Transformers movies. In fact, I'd go so far as to say I'm an opponent of Michael Bay's Transformers movies, sent back from the future to prevent mankind's destruction via rock-stupid summer blockbusters. Still, while I may decry the Transformers films for dry-humping the lowest common denominator, there's no question that they're damned impressive from a visual standpoint.
transformers David Wharton 2011-12-21
New Battleship Trailer: It's Even More Like Transformers Than You Thought
Everything from that opening text-- "From Hasbro, the company that brought you Transformers"-- to the metallic booming effects to the little ball alien that throws out a tentacle and rips through a plane feels so, so much like a Transformers movie. Then there's Brooklyn Decker as your random hottie
transformers Katey Rich 2011-12-09
People's Choice 2012 Nominations Go To Harry Potter, Pirates, Bridesmaids, And The Help
The people have voted and the nominations for Peopleís Choice Awards 2012 are in. Unsurprisingly, movie fans love Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Transformers. And while Bridesmaids was recognized in numerous categories, the people seem to have disregarded Melissa McCarthy in the Favorite Female Comedy Actress.
transformers Kelly West 2011-11-08
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