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10 Characters Who Need Their Own Spin-Off Movies
Ever wanted to see a second banana become top dog? Read through our list to see which of your favorites we've suggested for that very honor!
tron Mike Reyes 2014-10-20
Parental Guidance Suggests You're In Trouble, Program!
If you are new to our Parental Guidance column, here's the idea behind it: I concocted a plan to make my 15 year old daughter, Allie, watch movies with me. While she is wise beyond her years, her cinematic expertise was severely lacking. The movies that I am showing her meant a lot to me at different points in my younger life.
tron Matt & Allie Norris 2014-04-27
Walter Cronkite Enters The Tron-Verse In This 1982 Clip
I hope you have your nostalgia glasses on, or at least some form of eyewear that allows you to be completely comfortable with shoddy video quality. The above video, which has been kicking it on the Internet for some time, combines two things that we don’t often get to see together these days: one of the most respected newsmen on the planet and a film that shattered the mold for computer graphics in cinema.
tron Nick Venable 2013-12-01
Tron 3 Gets A Writer, Franchise Future May Depend On Your Kids
Work on a sequel to Tron: Legacy is underway. We’ve known it was coming for awhile, but today Disney announced that they’ve hired David DiGilio to work on the script. Adam Horowitz and Adam Kitsis wrote the previous film, but have moved on to writing a fairytale show called Once Upon a Time for ABC. If you saw Tron: Legacy, you know this is good news.
tron Josh Tyler 2011-06-07
You're Wrong: 20 Common Box Office Misconceptions
Last year, while everyone was talking about Tron: Legacy, nearly ever blog post you read on any site but this one dismissed the original, 1982 Tron as a box office flop. Repeat something long enough and perception becomes reality, even if it's just not.
tron Josh Tyler 2011-04-12
Is The Master Control Program Tron 3's Villain?
Another video from the Blu-ray has leaked, and this one may offer clues to the nature of Tron 3’s villain. The video shows a chat conversation between Edward Dillinger Jr. (played by Cillian Murphy in Tron: Legacy) and his father.
tron Josh Tyler 2011-03-28
Find Out What Happened After Tron: Legacy Ended In This 10-Minute Video
When Tron: Legacy ended it left a lot of things unsolved. Sam left the computer world with Quorra and rode off into the sunset, presumably to take over Encom and set things right. Beyond the movie, the whole “Flynn Lives” viral campaign built up around the movie never really got a resolution either.
tron Josh Tyler 2011-03-14
Tron 3 May Resurrect Ram, First Trailer Details
One scene includes not only Bruce Boxleitner as Alan Bradley but Dan Shor as Ram, one of the hero characters from the original film who never made it into
tron Josh Tyler 2011-01-24
First Tron 3 Trailer May Be On The Tron: Legacy Blu-ray
The first teaser for Tron: Legacy debuted to audiences at the San Diego Comic Con before they’d even shot a single frame of the film. Actually at the time, they didn’t even have a script
tron Josh Tyler 2011-01-20
Disney Set To Announce A Tron: Legacy Sequel?
It’s no secret that Disney made Tron: Legacy hoping it would turn into their next big franchise. Pirates of the Caribbean has only one more movie left in it, then Johnny Depp is done, which means
tron Josh Tyler 2011-01-13
A.M. Awesome: Tune In For The Tron Holiday Special
If you’ve got yourself one of those new fangled television sets and a good enough set of rabbit ears you may just be able to tune in for the Tron Holiday Special! This is the can’t-miss event of the season
tron Will LeBlanc 2010-12-21
Tron: Legacy Contains At Least 15 Geeky References
Not all of them are shoutouts to the 1982 original, but every last one is super nerdy. For example: did you know there's a reference to the 80s video game movie War Games? That's reference number 6
tron Mack Rawden 2010-12-20
Tron: Legacy Off To A Solid Start With $18 Million Friday Box Office
The actual numbers are in and, despite a lot of doom and gloom from box office prophesiers going in, it looks like Tron: Legacy may be a modest hit after all. Actual box office results for Friday
tron Josh Tyler 2010-12-18
Discuss Tron: Legacy With Spoilers And Rate It
After you see Tron: Legacy come back here and rate the movie in our Legacy viewer poll. Then discuss it with spoilers in the comments section
tron CB 2010-12-18
Sequel De-Resolution: Why Tron: Legacy Isn't As Good As TRON
Even though Tron: Legacy has two decades worth of technological advancements on its side, TRON is clearly the better movie. The differences between the two films are vast
tron Josh Tyler 2010-12-17
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