The Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer Is As Epic And Explosive As We Hoped


The Black Panther Comic-Con Footage Was Action-Packed And Totally Ferocious

The debut trailer for Black Panther was a stunning first look that made us insatiably hungry for more -- and tonight we got just that in the form of extended footage that was showcased during Marvel Studio's big Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

7 Huge Questions We Have After DC Released Its Superhero Schedule

Today at San Diego Comic-Conm Warner Bros. released a huge list of planned DC superhero movies and while it was great to see so many titles on the way, it's possible this list is creating more questions than answers.

Thor: Ragnarok Showed 3 Full Scenes At Comic-Con, Here's What We Saw

Saturday night always belongs to Marvel Studios at San Diego Comic-Con. The company strategically always takes the last slot in Hall H during the most popular day of the convention, and in the last 10 years they have never failed to get fans incredibly excited for everything that's coming up on their slate.

The Flash Season 4 Trailer Reveals A New Leader And A Crazy New Villain

Season 3 of The Flash ended with Barry Allen giving up his life in Central City and trapping himself in the Speed Force. Now, the Season 4 trailer has revealed what life in Central City will be like without him, and it's definitely different.

Watch Green Arrow And Black Canary Back In Action In Arrow Season 6 Trailer

Fans have been waiting months to find out what's next for Team Arrow in the aftermath of the crazy Season 5 finale. Now, the Season 6 trailer show exactly what many have been waiting for.

The Thor: Ragnarok Comic-Con Trailer Lets Hulk Talk Way More Than Before

Thor: Ragnarok has given us plenty of footage before, but given it's Comic-Con week, Marvel decided to bust out another trailer for fans. Spoiler alert: it's awesome.

Movie News
Captain Marvel Will Be A Period Piece, Introduce Major Marvel Villains

Last year we learned the identity of Captain Marvel in the MCU. While things have been mostly quiet on that front since then, this evening at San Diego Comic-Con we learned a lot more about the upcoming film.

Movie News
Ant-Man And Wasp Just Added Some Huge Names To Its Cast

Marvel has announced some of the major characters who will appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp next year.

Movie News
The Westworld Season 2 Trailer Is Delightful And Deadly

Westworld is coming back. And it looks deadlier than ever

Why iZombie Went With That Big Reveal At The End Of Season 3

iZombie is heading into Season 4 on the CW this TV season, and things are going to change pretty drastically during the new episodes, thanks to the big reveal in the Season 3 finale.

Smallville’s Tom Welling Is Joining Another Comic Book TV Show

Tom Welling just landed a big splashy return to TV. Here's what he'll be doing.

The New Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer Is A Real Thriller

Following the quick teaser that aired during the Super Bowl earlier this year, Netflix has finally dropped the first full trailer for Stranger Things Season 2.

One Major Arrow Character Might Not Recover From That Explosive Cliffhanger

Arrow Season 5 ended on a killer cliffhanger that left the fates of most of the good guys in question. We now have an idea of one character who might never be the same after the events of the finale.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 Just Confirmed A Bunch Of New Characters

Marvel Entertainment and the Lego Group have managed to announce some brand new characters set to arrive in the upcoming LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 for home consoles and PC, due out later this year during the fall.

Sega's New Racing Game Will Remind You Of Its 1990s Heyday

A lot of gamers have been begging Sega to return to some of its older franchises and possibly update them for today's generation of gaming. Well, apparently Sega is heeding the words of its fans because there's a brand new racing game in the works that will remind you of its 1990s heyday.

An Original Crash Bandicoot Level Is Now Part Of N. Sane Trilogy, And Apparently It's Super Hard

Every single time Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy gets mentioned it seems like it's always about how hard the game is. Well, it should come as no surprise that one of the original levels that didn't make the cut on the PSX was also super hard.

The DCEU Has Revealed Its New Movies Slate, And It Looks Incredible

Warner Bros has been slowly adding movies to the DCEU, and now we finally have a new official slate of what's arriving in the coming years.

Movie News
The Unexpected Way The Arrow Premiere Will Be Affected By Lost, According To Stephen Amell

Five years ago Oliver Queen was stranded on an island, but don't let that fool you. He wasn't actually a passenger on Oceanic Flight 815 this whole time. Still, Lost has affected Arrow in quite an unexpected way.

Aquaman Showed Footage At Comic-Con And It Was Massive

James Wan couldn't be in Hall H with his DC compatriots because he's too busy on the set of Aquaman to make the journey to San Diego Comic-Con. But he sent the best possible representative -- leading man Jason Momoa -- who also brought exclusive footage.

Movie News
Krypton Will Include A Ton Of DC Characters And Villains

Syfy is bringing an unexplored chapter of Superman's history to the small screen, and we now know that a ton of DC Comics characters -- good guys and bad guys -- will appear.

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The Black Panther Comic-Con Footage Was Action-Packed And Totally Ferocious
7 Huge Questions We Have After DC Released Its Superhero Schedule
Thor: Ragnarok Showed 3 Full Scenes At Comic-Con, Here's What We Saw
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