How Wonder Woman Evolved From Her Solo Movie To Justice League, According To Gal Gadot

While most major superheroes are introduced to the big screen nowadays in their very own solo films, this wasn't the case for Wonder Woman.

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How Geoffrey Rush Feels About That Huge Pirates Of The Caribbean Reveal

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales features some major moments for Hector Barbossa. Here's how Geoffrey Rush felt about those creative decisions.

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The Secret Behind Barbossa’s New Look In Pirates Of The Caribbean

Geoffrey Rush's Captain Barbossa has undergone quite a bit of change since the start of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise all the way back in 2003.

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What The Keepers Creator Hopes Will Happen With The Netflix Series' Future

The Keepers is easily one of the most important shows you'll watch this year, and here's what its creator hopes will happen next with its central story.

Why Acting Opposite Jack Sparrow Is A Crazy Experience, According To Kaya Scodelario

While some actors carry serious weight as movie stars, there are some who have developed iconic characters that debatably outweigh them. One arguable example of this case is Johnny Depp, who has been playing Captain Jack Sparrow for nearly 15 years, and has become identifiable with the role around the world.

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The Real Reason Baywatch Went Hard R Instead Of PG-13, According To The Rock

There's a very clear reason why we see so many PG-13 blockbusters hit theaters during the summer: kids are out of school, and it's a perfect time to try and heard them into the local cineplex. This, however, is an approach that the new movie Baywatch tosses to the wind.

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Will John Wick 3 Be Bigger Budget And More Explosive? Here's What The Director Says

When it comes to budgets, Hollywood sequels have notoriously followed a similar pattern for decades: if a movie is a hit, the follow-up needs to be at least double the size.

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One Huge Advantage John Wick 3 Has Over Wick 2, According To The Director

As a sequel, John Wick: Chapter 2 does an amazing job of expanding the unique universe that was established in its predecessor -- but it also had certain duties that it needed to fulfill.

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How The Arrow-verse Is Like The Avengers, According To One Star

Superheroes are all the rage on the big and small screens nowadays. One Supergirl star has revealed to CinemaBlend just how the Arrow-verse and The Avengers are very similar.

The Crazy Detailed Way Luc Besson Built The Movie Universe For Valerian

Luc Besson actually created a full-blown bible for the cinematic universe that included some ridiculous levels of detail.

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How Javier Bardem’s Pirates Of The Caribbean Character Stands Out From The Other Villains He’s Played

Javier Bardem has played arguably two of the most iconic villains of the last decade. In No Country For Old Men he basically became a force of pure evil as Anton Chigurh, and in Skyfall he stepped up to make Raoul Silva one of the greatest James Bond foes of all time.

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One Unexpected Reaction Baywatch Audiences Had To Zac Efron, According To Dwayne Johnson

In the new comedy Baywatch, the relationship between Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron's characters is what could best be described as 'caustic.'

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T.J. Miller Compares Underwater To Two Classic James Cameron Films

TJ Miller has just provided a very exciting update on his upcoming disaster film Underwater.

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Tom Cruise Brought A Giant Mummy To Hollywood And It Was Awesome

Tom Cruise unveiled an enormous sarcophagus in Hollywood over the weekend to promote the release of The Mummy, and CinemaBlend was there to catch the whole affair.

Supergirl Star Katie McGrath Really Wants Jason Momoa To Guest Star

Katie McGrath joined the cast of Supergirl in Season 2, and she recently revealed to CinemaBlend the big DC Comics actor she'd like to drop by. Her reasons are pretty fabulous.

How An American Werewolf In London Inspired One American Gods Story, According To Bryan Fuller

American Gods co-creator Bryan Fuller shared with CinemaBlend how the genre classic An American Werewolf in London inspired part of the show.

Why American Gods Made Such Huge Changes With Laura, According To Co-Creator Michael Green

Tonight's episode of American Gods made big changes to the novel's Laura. Here's what co-creator Michael Green told CinemaBlend about why it happened.

Why Wonder Woman Won't Have An End-Credits Scene

When it comes to building cinematic universe franchises, end-credits scenes have very much become common place -- utilized to help tease future projects on the horizon. This, however, has not really been the case for the growing DC Extended Universe.

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One Cool Improv Katherine Waterston Slipped Into A Key Alien: Covenant Action Scene

Alien: Covenant's climactic battle is incredibly technical, but Katherine Waterston was able to incorporate one really cool improvisation into the sequence. Here's what happened.

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The Big Question Supergirl Fans Will Have After The Season Finale

Only one episode is left in the second season of Supergirl. Luckily, actress Katie McGrath spoke with CinemaBlend about what's to come in the season finale, and it sounds pretty epic.

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