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Ed Sheeran Totally Quit Twitter Following Backlash To Game Of Thrones Cameo

Ed Sheeran left Twitter following his Game Of Thrones cameo, so things must've been rough.

Twitter Is Betting Big On Live TV And Sports

In case you haven't noticed, Twitter is becoming much more than a simple way to get news updates and express yourself in 140 characters or less. The social media giant just announced that it's about to get in on live TV and sporting events in a big way.

How Twitter Just Made It A Lot Easier To Avoid TV Spoilers

If you hate hitting up social media during the primetime hours because of all the TV spoilers on there, you're in luck.

Chrissy Teigen Shut Down Another Twitter Troll With The Perfect Response

If you're looking to get epically shut down on Twitter, try throwing shade in Chrissy Teigen's direction. She has no problem firing back, and when she does it, she does it well.

Two Game Of Thrones Stars Asked For Young Pics Of Themselves And Fans Responded

Winter is coming, and so is a ton of throwback photos.

X-Men Fans Mock Hugh Jackman’s New Logan Photo With Hilarious Tweets

The final movie starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is looking like it's going to be a pretty serious and somber affair. However, that doesn't mean that the internet can't have a laugh at its expense.

Movie News
Top Trending Movies Of 2016, According to Twitter

We have officially learned Twitter's top ten trending movies from the last year. Do you think your favorite made the cut?

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Ryan Reynolds Got The Most Retweeted Gif Of 2016, According To Twitter

Out of all the hilarious GIFs that have been re-tweeted on Twitter, there's one above all that was the most popular, and it was shared by Reynolds himself.

Movie News
The Most Discussed Topics Of 2016, According To Twitter

What will we remember about 2016? Well, according to what we've been tweeting about all year, it's apparently going to be the sports, the politics, and the Pokemon.

The Top Trending TV Shows Of 2016, According To Twitter

Twitter, for all its negative content, offers up tons of intriguing statistics about pop culture, and we now have a list of the top ten trending TV shows that Twitter users obsessed over in 2016. Surprises await you.

How To Watch The Election Results Streaming

If you don't have cable, it's pretty easy to access election results in terms of news articles that are being written and updated at the major outlets on a pretty regular basis. However, if you'd like to actually view what is going on live, there are still quite a few options out there, although it certainly depends on what sort of flavor you are looking for.

Vine Is Ending, Vine Is Ending, Vine is Ending...

Twitter announced today that it will be shutting down its short-form video app of the past 3 years.

Kylie Jenner Got Called A Prostitute On Twitter, Completely Crushed The Troll

The Kardashain-Jenners are pretty used to hear criticism at this point, but don't expect them to sir back silently while you diss them.

Why Rob Kardashian Tweeted Out His Sister's Phone Number

All is not well in Kardashian-land. Rob Kardashian blew up at his family last night over some supposed baby shower drama, and sent out his sister Kylie's private contact information to his millions of followers.

LOL: Name Your Vagina After The Last Movie You Saw

Twitter has given us many gifts since it was invented, and now it's possible that it has bestowed upon us one of the best memes to ever meme the internets. Ladies are now being encouraged to name their vaginas after the last film they saw. I know! This article is going to be awesome!

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These Are The Internet's 7 Favorite Films, According To A Twitter Hashtag

Every film lover has a mental list of their all-time favorite movies, and now, thanks to Twitter, we have a list of what makes up some people's best-of lists. Take a look.

Movie News
Here's How Twitter Reacted To Lionhead Studios Shutting Down

It was a sad day for Lionhead Studios, creators of the popular Fable series of games. After an announcement earlier this year that Microsoft would be closing the doors on the developers, today marked the day that those actions were finally carried out. Twitter, as you may have guessed, was full of opinions.

Gears Of War 4 Teaser Introduces A New Group Of Fighters

There are some big things on the horizon for Gears of War 4. The Coalition has plans on unleashing some new content and information for the game during the season premiere of Fear The Walking Dead. However, before the new info arrives the developers let loose a teaser on Twitter.

The Wild New Way Thursday Night Football Will Stream

The NFL has been looking into ways to update and widen the scope of their Thursday Night Football programming for a few months now. Well, they finally seem to have hit upon the answer that works for them

Mark Hamill Will Reveal Some Of The Star Wars 8 Plot, On One Condition

Mark Hamill is actually one of the most entertaining people on Twitter. Nobody seems to have more fun with their fans than he does. His newest game, however, has a goal.

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