LOL: Name Your Vagina After The Last Movie You Saw
Twitter has given us many gifts since it was invented, and now it's possible that it has bestowed upon us one of the best memes to ever meme the internets. Ladies are now being encouraged to name their vaginas after the last film they saw. I know! This article is going to be awesome!
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These Are The Internet's 7 Favorite Films, According To A Twitter Hashtag
Every film lover has a mental list of their all-time favorite movies, and now, thanks to Twitter, we have a list of what makes up some people's best-of lists. Take a look.
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Here's How Twitter Reacted To Lionhead Studios Shutting Down
It was a sad day for Lionhead Studios, creators of the popular Fable series of games. After an announcement earlier this year that Microsoft would be closing the doors on the developers, today marked the day that those actions were finally carried out. Twitter, as you may have guessed, was full of opinions.
Gears Of War 4 Teaser Introduces A New Group Of Fighters
There are some big things on the horizon for Gears of War 4. The Coalition has plans on unleashing some new content and information for the game during the season premiere of Fear The Walking Dead. However, before the new info arrives the developers let loose a teaser on Twitter.
The Wild New Way Thursday Night Football Will Stream
The NFL has been looking into ways to update and widen the scope of their Thursday Night Football programming for a few months now. Well, they finally seem to have hit upon the answer that works for them
Mark Hamill Will Reveal Some Of The Star Wars 8 Plot, On One Condition
Mark Hamill is actually one of the most entertaining people on Twitter. Nobody seems to have more fun with their fans than he does. His newest game, however, has a goal.
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Game Developer Says He Can't Get To GDC Because The US Won't Let Him Into The Country
Amidst recent terrorist attacks last Fall, the US has been upping security at airports. And while the security measures are understandable in light of terrorist attacks, one game developer says he can’t get into the United States because of his Iraq connections.
Bet You Can Guess Which Oscar Moment Was The Most Discussed On Twitter
The Academy Awards have been able to survive most of their 88-year history without Twitter. However, now that the social media site exists it’s become the place to get instant reactions to all of the events that occur on the Oscar stage.
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Kevin Hart Rips Hater Who Thinks He Makes Stereotypical Movies
Sometimes social media feels like yelling into an empty void, but there are people out there listening, as one person found out when Kevin Hart tore into her for claiming he only makes stereotypical movies.
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Deadpool Took Over Twitter, Here Are His 8 Most Offensive And Hysterical Tweets
Earlier today, “Deadpool” took over Fandango’s Twitter account to hold a Q&A and plug his movie. We collected our some of our favorite tweets to give you a sense of what Wade Wilson is like on social media.
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Watch The Teaser For The Major February Update Coming To Driveclub
The official Driveclub Twitter account has posted a black and white teaser video ahead of the official February update for the PS4 title. The video clip is only eight seconds long and features just a quick glimpse of a car taking a turn at high speeds before cutting off. The teaser has fans excited about what's to come.
PS Plus Subscriptions Will Be Extended Due To Outage, Sony Confirms
Last night after the PlayStation Network was knocked offline almost all day, Sony took to Twitter to announce that in order to apologize for the outage, they would be extending PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus subscriptions for those affected.
Russian Ambassador Uses Picture Of Kal Penn In Angry Tweet About Terrorism
It's possible that no recent Twitter story has been more ridiculous than this. Does Kal Penn look like a terrorist to you? If you answered yes, you're not alone.
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The MPAA's Lawsuit Against MovieTube Is Getting Even Stranger
If the MPAA’s demands were met, references to anything related to MovieTube were to be removed from search engines, social media, and more. And if a policy like this cold be enforced over MovieTube and its network, who’s to say that it couldn’t be enforced over something else deemed controversial next.
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James Woods Is Suing A Guy Who Was Mean To Him On Twitter
When the internet speaks, it certainly doesn’t hold back. The ability to hide behind a computer screen enables users to become quite open about their opinions, especially when it comes to celebrities. Trolls of the interwebs usually get away with their harsh complaints and allegations. That is until actor James Woods got involved.
Eli Roth's New Movie Is About How Much He Hates People Who Overreact On Twitter
Eli Roth's latest, The Green Inferno, may be a throwback exploitation film about cannibals, but he has another agenda as well, to take people who overreact on social media down a peg.
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Anna Kendrick Just Got A Book Deal Because The Entire World Wants Her Thoughts On Everything
It’s about damn time that the Queen of Twitter finally get the opportunity to spread her words in long-form. After a dominating streak of witty and sarcastic 140-character gold, Anna Kendrick just landed a book deal and the world makes total sense.
The 22 Best Celebrity Tweets From The 2015 Oscars
There’s nothing quite like live tweeting the Oscars. We all do it, even the celebrities. So take a look at the 22 best tweets we compiled from last night’s 2015 Oscar ceremony.
How Twitter Will Start Making Money Off Your Movie-Related Tweets
Twitter is looking to launch a new beta program that will use targeted advertisements to entice movie lovers to check out other films based on what they've been tweeting about. In other words, prepare for more ads.
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Twitter's New Buy Now Button May Let You Purchase Movie Tickets
Twitter, the wildly popular micro-blogging platform, has been diligently exploring ways to monetize itself almost since its inception. It appears they may have stumbled upon a plan now – and what a surprise, it involves selling you things! Ah, the Internet – the door-to-door salesman of the 21st century.
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