Some of Justin Bieber’s fans in the States may have started turning on the singer because of his douchey behavior, but apparently, in some parts of Europe, he’s just as big as ever. In fact, in Norway, several school administrators are apparently so worried about students potentially missing important exams in order to attend his upcoming concert in Olso that they’ve rescheduled all of the tests.

According to The Mirror, all five of the schools are in the Alesund region, more than two hundred miles from Oslo. Assumedly, the thought process is the aforementioned students would go on holiday with either their peers or their parents and stay in Oslo for the night, which would cause them to miss school and any of these tests. With the date changed, the students will presumably have no excuses when they take their mid-terms.

Norway allows its local school districts quite a bit of wiggle room in terms of planning when tests will be given. Thus, the country’s education minister Kristin Halvorsen has already announced he’s not bothered in the slightest about the cancellations. After all, the actual results are far more important than the dates anyway.

Once upon a time, these were the headlines the Biebs used to create. The only negative stories about him had to do with his fans being too obsessed. Sadly, over the past few months, those tales have largely been overwhelmed by nonsense. Here’s to hoping this story starts turning the momentum the other way.



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