On last night’s episode of The Voice, Adam Levine was responding to Cassadee Pope’s rendition of Michelle Branch’s “Are You Happy Now?” when he used the opportunity to bash the hell out of the famed West Hollywood club the Roxy. Apparently, Maroon 5 opened for Branch there back in the day and management decided not to give the guys a dressing room. Years later, he’s still bitter about what happened and continued his mini-rant even after Cassadee said she loves the Roxy.

The majority of clubs likely would have pretended to ignore Levine’s statements, but the Roxy isn’t exactly any club. Opened in 1973, it’s the place where Pee Wee Herman was first launched, John Belushi partied prior to his death and John Lennon spent much of his Lost Weekend. Consequently, organizers aren’t exactly shaking over the singer’s poor review. Here’s what the club posted on its marquee…

I have no idea why Maroon 5 wasn’t given a dressing room or what exactly happened, but from the outside, it’s actually a pretty funny glimpse into Rock n Roll. Random bands despise random venues. There’s no one perfect place for all performers to play, and opinions vary as much as styles of music. Levine and company might stay the hell away from the Roxy for the rest of their run, but something tells me plenty of other bands will willingly take the group’s place.



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