Amanda Bynes' License Gets Suspended By The California DMV

By Jessica Grabert 4 years ago
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Itís a little difficult to keep track of Amanda Bynesí numerous vehicle traffic violations. Over the last six months, the Easy A actress has gotten in to trouble enough times to make the average person wonder why the 26-year-old hadnít gotten her license suspended. Karma finally caught up to the starlet, and sheíll be off the road for a while, thanks to the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Barnes is facing drunk driving charges, stemming from an April 6 accident where she ran in to a cop car and then had to be chased down by a police helicopter. In the ensuing months, the actress fled the scene of at least two other car accidents, at one point even stating there was no damage and then driving off before insurance information was exchanged. The negligent driver was subsequently summoned to court to face charges, and yesterday, we reported she could spend up to a year in jail.

Whether or not the star is actually forced to spend time behind bars, The L.A. Times is reporting the DMV has had enough, and Bynesí license has been revoked for an undetermined amount of time. Iím not actively routing for the hot topic celebrity to get jail time, but keeping her off the road sounds about right. Just remember, if you do see the celebrity behind the wheel, sheís armed and dangerous. Even President Obama couldnít get her out of this one.
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