Cops Find Heroin, 10 Pounds Of Weed On Nelly's Tour Bus

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Over the last five decades, itís become a pretty well established fact that a solid number of musicians keep marijuana on their tour bus. I donít know if the percentage is ten, twenty or fifty, but itís far from a shock when someone famous winds up spending a night in jail for possessing a little weed. Fans usually laugh off the arrest, and since having a small bit of weed for personal use isnít a major crime, the incident is largely forgotten. Getting caught with heroin, however, is still dangerous, outlandish and against the law enough to turn more than a few heads.

Thatís what Nelly and members of his entourage found out last night when their tour bus was pulled over during a routine stop at the Sierra Blanca border patrol checkpoint in Texas. According to TMZ, the canine unit supposedly alerted the handlers to the presence of drugs, and a more exhaustive search uncovered thirty-six baggies of heroin, ten pounds of marijuana and a loaded gun.

Seven people were reportedly on the bus at the time of the stop. All were detained while the vehicle was searched, but after the illegal substances were found, one man stepped forward and claimed responsibility. He was immediately arrested and everyone else was let go. On the one hand, Iím sure Nelly is pleased he took responsibility, but on the other hand, letting anyone keep heroin on your tour bus is an awful decision.

Nelly hasnít spoken publically on the situation, but when he does, weíll be sure to let you know his thoughts.
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