Daft Punk Will Release Random Access Memories On May 21

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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Daft Punk has slowly but steadily been building buzz for the bandís upcoming fourth studio album. The band has teased an image and a potential release date for a couple of months, and now the dynamic duo has decided the bandís new album will be called Random Access Memories, which is a cute take on the bandís love for technology, as well as its emotional bent. The album will hit shelves on May 21.

Thatís a lot of info to mull over, but thatís not all we know about Mayís release. Random Access Memories will also feature 13 tracks, and the Huffington Post is reporting that Panda Bear, Gonzales, and Giorgio Moroder have supposedly worked with the French duo on the bandís upcoming endeavor, and hopefully those collaborations have made the album.

If youíve been keeping tabs on the bandís website, the artwork for Random Access Memories should look familiar. The cover art is simple, but a little more spectacular than the uninspired artwork for Human After All, the last full-length album from the duo. Additionally, Daft Punk put out a live album, Alive 2007 in that year and also produced the soundtrack for Tron: Legacy. The album will hit homes via band member Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalterís Daft Lite subsidiary under Columbia Records. Hopefully, the next marketing move the band will pull off will be releasing the albumís first single.

You can pre-order the album over at iTunes.
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