This morning George Clooney was booked in Washington DC during a protest outside the Sudanese embassy. The actor, along with his father, several politicians and numerous activists, were there to call attention to various atrocities being committed in the African country. The authorities warned the participants to remove themselves from the private property, and when that plea wasn’t heeded, Clooney and the others, including his father, were arrested.

Following the incarceration, Clooney was reportedly in fine spirits, thinking his apprehension could lead to a renewed spotlight on the starvation and violence in the troubled region. The protest was well planned in advance and most suspected the festivities would land the Ides Of March star in jail; so, it's not like he didn't have time to weigh the pros and cons.

As a mechanism to get the word out, today’s activities seem to have been at least marginally successful. Stories of the actor’s arrest were on front pages across the country, and many articles were written explaining the specifics of the situation in Sudan. Considering his popularity and the reason he was hauled in, it’s unlikely Clooney’s career will be in anyway affected by his actions, but as of press time, it’s unclear how much average people support the actor’s decision to get himself locked up.

So, I put it to you. Did Clooney’s protest in anyway change your opinion of him? Do you like him a touch better for having the guts to stand up for his cause, or do you think he was foolish to let himself be jailed? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

How Do You Feel About Clooney AFter The Arrest?

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