Google+ Hangout To Go Out Of This World With ISS Crew Chat

By Jessica Rawden 3 years ago
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Google+ may not be nearly as popular as certain other social networking sites, but itís about to make history in the live chat realm. The serviceís Hangout video chat feature is hitting a milestone later this month when it goes into orbit. On February 22, Google+ Hangout will offer a live chat with none other than NASA and the International Space Station.

While Google+ Hangout only allows 10 computers to chat with one another at once, the service offers a pretty cool feature that allows thousands more to tune in on the social networking site, or even through YouTube. During the February 22 event, members of NASA on the ground will chat with NASA crew orbiting 240 miles above the Earth, which is a little more impressive than the seventh grade Hello Kitty feat achieved just a few weeks ago. The chat will begin at 11 a.m. EST and will run until noon.

However, if fans are watching some NASA guys chat and not actually engaging as part of the chat, whatís the point? Followers of NASA on Google + can actually send in video questions via YouTube with the tag #askastro. The clips need to be 30 seconds or under and must also feature an introduction from the asker mentioning name and location. A variety of astronaut minds will be on board to answer questions, including NASAís Kevin Ford and Tom Marshburn and the Canadian Space Agencyís Chris Hadfield. You can read up on the event at NASAís Google + page, or even give your own question a whirl.
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