Justin Bieber Is Being Investigated For Attempted Robbery

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Over the past few years, a few sketchy pictures of Justin Bieber in compromising positions have emerged. In response, his bodyguards and handlers have seemingly become more proactive about making sure random people arenít clicking away on their camera phones. In theory, thatís a great policy, but itís also led to a few claims of rough behavior and now, one of attempted robbery.

Details are still very fuzzy at this point, but according to TMZ, it all went down on Monday night at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park. The Biebs was reportedly there with some members of his entourage when they got into an argument with some random dudes at the batting cages. Itís totally unclear what might have been said or who started it, but some other woman reportedly decided to take pictures of it. That didnít sit too well with Bieber, who allegedly charged over and asked for the phone. When she refused to give it, he supposedly took her purse and pillaged the phone himself. He then demanded she unlock it and prove she didnít take any pictures.

The whole situation reportedly upset the unnamed womanís 13-year-old daughter, which prompted the Biebs to allegedly shout the followingÖ
"You're humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don't you just get out of here."

Thanks to his incredible celebrity, Justin Bieber has to deal with a lot of nonsense the rest of us donít. I havenít seen the security footage, but itís entirely possible the random dudes just walked up to the pop star and started talking shit. No doubt the Biebs wasnít particularly excited about the whole world seeing him in some new altercation, which makes asking her to delete the pictures in a respectful manner the sensible decision. If the stories are to be believed, however, the polite manner never happened.

The Los Angeles Police Department is currently investigating the incident. They havenít announced any charges or made any arrests. Given her phone wasnít even ultimately taken, itís likely nothing will come of this, but regardless, itís another bit of bad press for Justin Bieber, who certainly doesnít need it.
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