Last night, the recently split up Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez headed to a Japanese restaurant in the San Fernando Valley together. Unfortunately, they never got to actually eat any food. A disagreement quickly turned into an argument which turned into a confrontation which ended when she walked out to her vehicle, piled inside and headed for her residence. The Biebs followed in his own car, but when he arrived, he was denied entry at the gate.

For older couples, whatever happened likely would have been the last straw, but like most college-aged kids, these two seem to have a lot of fighting, breaking-up and making-up to do. When photographers arrived at Gomez’s house this morning, Bieber’s vehicle was actually already there, leading many to wonder whether the young couple shared a sleepover for the second time in just a matter of days.

Rumor has it the recent split is far from the first separation for Justin and Selena. They’ve reportedly tried to go their separate ways on several occasions, but nothing about the non-divorces have ever stuck. Given their ages too, it probably won’t stick any time soon either.

I have no idea if Bieber and Gomez will stay together forever, but I am confident there will be more drama drama in their future. What do you think? How many more times will Bieber and Gomez split during their lifetimes? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

How Many More Times Will They Break-Up?

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