Katt Williams Accused Of Slapping Target Employee, Fleeing On Motorized Cart

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Last Sunday, Katt Williams reportedly led police on a crazy chase through downtown Sacramento on a three wheeled motorcycle. Speeding on the sidewalk and at one point, even switching to the wrong side of the street, the comedian supposedly implemented a slew of dangerous and unusual maneuvers and actually wound up evading his chasers. For most, this adrenaline-laden run from cops would have been the craziest part of their day, but Williams has always been a man who enjoys pushing his luck as far as possible.

According to TMZ, after authorities decided to stop chasing Williams, the star pulled into a local Target, browsed around a bit, started a conversation with an employee and out of nowhere, bitch slapped the poor guy right across the face. The police were, of course, called immediately, but by the time they arrived, Williams had once again escaped, this time on one of those electric carts the retail store offers its customers.

Because he wasnít caught and arrested during either of these incidents, itís unclear whether heíll face any negative repercussions for them. The police have reportedly told the district attorney about what went down, but the office will have to review the evidence to decide whether thereís any possibility of a conviction.

Regardless of what happens with these incidents, Williams needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. If he doesnít start taking it easy, he could well wind up in jail for a long time.
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