Miley Cyrus Tells Dad She'll Expose His Secret If He Doesn't

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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The relationship between Miley Cyrus and her father Billy Ray has plummeted from shaky to almost non-existent at times over the past few years. Maybe their bond deteriorated because he ripped her in the press. Maybe their bond deteriorated because they didnít communicate enough or because heís had more than his share of marriage problems. Regardless, itís been in the sewer for awhile, and this week, it may have actually set the mark for the most embarrassing low moment yet.

Pissed off about her dadís unwillingness to return her phone calls, Cyrus took to her Twitter account yesterday to threaten the patriarch and let him know if he doesnít start reaching out to his family members, there will be consequences, apparently in the form of public embarrassment. Hereís the exact quote of the since deleted tweet, as per TMZÖ
@billyraycyrus since you wonít reply to my texts Iím giving you an hour to tell the truth or ill tell it for you

If that wasnít mysterious enough, the threat also came with this photograph of Miley and a mystery womanÖ

Not surprisingly, the conclusion many people have jumped to on the Internet is that Billy Ray is having an affair with the above woman, but since no one involved has spoken publically about any of it, it would also be fair to guess she was Billy Rayís partner in a series of bank robberies, or she was the woman who conspired with Papa Cyrus to withhold the antidote, or sheís a secret ex-wife no one knows about. In fact, feel free to think up your own wild theory and believe it until you hear otherwise.

Divorce might be hardest on children who still live in the house, but itís no cakewalk for adult children either. Thereís something about your parents getting along and sleeping under the same roof thatís just reassuring, but alas, not every couple is fit to last over the long haul, especially when one of them is apparently wielding a secret that involves that woman in the above photograph.

Considering Miley hasnít exposed any secrets on Twitter in the last twenty-four hours, itís safe to assume Billy Ray either reached out to his family members or she decided airing more dirty laundry in public wasnít the right call for anyone involved. Either way, we will keep you updated whenever new tidbits about the Cyrus family drama drama go public.
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