Miley Cyrus may have been slammed from damn near every angle following her outlandish and sexually forward Video Music Awards performance, but those within her inner circle are elated about how her collaboration with Robin Thicke went. The entire world is suddenly talking about Miley and twerking, and from their perspective, the singer’s actual fans got exactly what she was going for and were on board.

Speaking to US Weekly, Cyrus’ manager Larry Rudolph said he was cheering from just off the stage the entire time, and it was clear to him the intended audience was very much on board. Here’s a portion of his actual quote…
"We were all cheering from the side of the stage. It could not have gone better. The fans got it. The rest eventually will."

Miley has actually had some celebrities come out and support her since the gig, most notably Justin Timberlake, but on the whole, the response to her rendition of “Blurred Lines” has not been good. Not only were a high percentage of older people weirded out and disgusted by what they saw, a high percentage of younger people thought she looked like a damn fool that was trying to hard. Even her good friend Kelly Osbourne told her to put her fucking tongue away, a piece of advice an overwhelming majority of Cinema Blend readers agree with…

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On the one hand, it’s easy to see why Miley, Rudolph and company are so happy with how things went. The reaction to her performance was so intense, the immediate aftermath drew more tweets per minute than the Super Bowl. Video of her performance raced around the Internet the next day, and it was played during news broadcasts all over the country. She was easily the most talked about subject of conversation in the United States on Monday, and in the music business, any press is often good press.

On the other hand, however, is it really so wonderful to be hated on by millions of people? It’s not as if most critics thought what she did was brilliant or even as if everyone under thirty was leaping to her defense. Yes, there were some supporters, but in general, it was a big thumbs down from everyone. So, while it did generate buzz, it’s unclear whether any of that buzz will lead to an increase in ticket sales.

What do you think? Was that performance good for her career? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Were The VMAs A Home Run For Miley?

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