Nick Cannon Has An Autoimmune Disease

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Nick Cannon is finally opening up about the condition that put him in the hospital twice. The affable host apparently suffers from an autoimmune disease thatís similar to lupus. Doctors told him the condition will affect him for the rest of his life, but if heís careful and puts his health first, it can be managed. Thatís great news for all of Cannonís fans and even better news for his family. He and wife Mariah Carey recently had twins, and the little boy and girl, as well as their mom, definitely are going to want him to be around for awhile.

Speaking to People, Cannon said heís trying to regularly sleep six hours a night, which strikes me as not nearly enough but could well be far more than heís used to. We typically think of eight hours as the proper number, but there are a lot of weirdos out there that function very well on six and others that need at least nine.

Regardless, it seems like the days of Nick Cannon rivaling Ryan Seacrest as the hardest working man in show business are over. He resigned from his radio show last month to make sure he wasnít being overburdened, and one would think Carey would have something to say before her husband takes on any big projects in addition to Americaís Got Talent and his regular comedy and deejay gigs.

Pop Blend wishes Cannon nothing but the best as he tries to strike the right balance between his personal and professional lives. Getting diagnosed with this autoimmune disease might not be the best thing for his career, but if it ends up meaning more time spent with his children, he might be thankful in the long run.
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