After a rough week in which an Aspen vacation turned into a hospitalization, Nick Cannon is back at home. The thirty-one year old radio host is shooting for a return to the airwaves next week, but because of the recovery time associated with his surgery, nothing is for definite.

There still remains much confusion on what exactly Cannon was suffering from when he was rushed to the hospital. All parties have admitted it was a form of mild kidney failure, but whether it was caused by diabetes, a fall during the ski trip or some kind of mystery illness is unclear. Fans are hoping the issue won’t be something he has to deal with long-term, but from the outside, there’s really no way to discern the prognosis.

According to The LA Times, a spokesman for Cannon and his wife Mariah Carey released a statement verifying he was released over the weekend and is currently resting comfortably in his home. That, coupled with his plans to return to work next week, paints a non-life threatening picture of the situation.

Regardless of what’s really going on, Pop Blend wishes Nick Cannon nothing but the best in his road to recovery. His high energy optimism has been missed over the past week, and with young children to take care of at home, we’re all hopeful he gets it together as soon as possible.



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