Psy has been breaking records left and right, ever since his 2012 single “Gangnam Style” blew up on YouTube. Now, the man with the bold suit and ridiculous shades has hit a YouTube milestone, reaching over a billion page views on the popular video site.

At the time of this writing the video is at 1,019,336,855 views, which is an impressive feat, considering just a few weeks ago Psy’s video hit a little over 800 million page views, beating Justin Bieber’s “Baby ft. Ludacris” record for most viewed YouTube video, ever. That’s even more impressive, considering Bieber’s video has had well over two years to hit the 800 million mark. “Gangnam Style” has now accrued over a billion page views in around six months.

The video, which features Psy and a group of young people doing the pony, has been a worldwide success, with NME noting 4 million copies have been sold worldwide. In the U.S., Saturday Night Live even did a sketch based on the music video and its ridiculous dance movements. Additionally, the single has broken YouTube’s record for the most ‘likes’ on one video. As the success of “Gangnam Style” dies down, it will still get random page views, and who knows how successful the track can become as the years go on?

Psy is said to be working on a full-length album, which will likely feature plenty of dance tracks and probably cover art focusing on those shades. Until then, you can add to that page view count by checking or re-checking out “Gangnam Style,” below.



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