Reddit: How To Use It And Why You Should

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Reddit is an explosion of information. Itís a hub for everything cool going on in the entire world. It has the exact article you feel like reading or picture you feel like looking at. All you need to do is program in your own information so its brilliant Internet brain figures out how you roll, and itíll start delivering your hopes, needs, wants and desires right to your screen within minutes. Unfortunately, not everyone has gotten on board yet. Why? Probably because the site is overwhelming and visually hideous. Itís like genie vomit.

Itís okay, though. If youíre one of the confused and bewildered many who havenít yet given Reddit a try or have given up after just a few usages, itís not too late to get on board and the above video will help. It was put together by CGPGrey, and it explains every surface level thing you might want to know about the Internetís front page, all while presenting a compelling case as to why it should be used.

Ordinarily, the goal of CGPGrey is to take very complicated historical or world news issues and explain it in an efficient and informative way. The popular YouTube channel has devoted episodes to the difference between Holland and the Netherlands, the specifics it takes to become Pope and why we have a debt limit. Upon first glance, this topic might seem very out of place, but itís actually perfect for the CGPGrey treatment. Whether the creators would like to admit it or not, Reddit appears insanely complicated to the average person, but really, the potential users just need a five minute explanation for what the hell is going on. Itís like a sophisticated, well made driverís ed video for the Internet.

If you feel like watching more CGPGrey, you can check out this fascinating video below about the chances of Texas leaving the UnionÖ

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