Should Electric Zoo Have Been Cancelled After Overdose Deaths?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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At any big music festival, organizers expect to run across some drug use and even a serious injury or two. Now and again, they may even have to deal with someone dying. Thatís the downside of packing more than one hundred thousand people into a confined space. Unfortunately, at this weekendís Electric Zoo Festival in Randallís Island, New York, there were quite a few more incidents, so many, in fact, that organizers decided to pull the plug.

According to The New York Daily News, concertgoers Jeffrey Russ, 23, and Olivia Rotondo, 20, both died during the first two days of the festival of suspected drug overdoses. In addition, a further four people remain in New York City intensive care units. Itís assumed all took MDMA/ Molly, or a drug they thought to be MDMA, but despite being experienced partygoers, something obviously went wrong.

Organizers of the Electric Zoo Festival arenít stupid. They might not admit so publically, but they no damn good and well a high percentage of their audience is under the influence of drugs during the performances. As such, places to get water and areas where one can see a doctor are littered throughout the site. In theory, one would have thought those stations would prevent tragedies, but they clearly werenít enough.

After reviewing all of the evidence at hand, officials from New York City stepped in and asked organizers to cancel the final day of Electric Zoo in order to prevent more deaths, either from irresponsible drug use or the taking of inferior or laced drugs. After much consideration, the powers that be decided to do exactly that, and as you can imagine, the decision has not gone over very well with quite a few people who waited an entire year to see some of the acts scheduled to perform on the last day.

Itís easy to see why theyíd be so pissed off. After all, itís not as if they did anything they should be punished for. On the other hand, however, itís hard to fault organizers for trying to play it safe.

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Should The Festival Have Been Cancelled?


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