Lindsay Lohan might have found a temporary solution to her money troubles. The actress has gotten an offer from the New York City strip club, Scores, that might be too sweet of a deal to pass up. Scores has offered to pay for the Liz & Dick star’s storage locker that was potentially set to go up for auction, as well as to cover some of Lohan’s other debts, in exchange for a few services.

It’s important to note the services aren’t actual stripping. Instead, Scores would like Lohan to host some chats on the strip club’s website, According to TMZ, the club sent a letter to Lohan’s lawyer, stating they would pay the $16,000 for her storage locker, as well as pay for a few months of her housing bills. This is money the 26-year-old desperately needs, but it does come at a price.

Scores says they don’t want the actress to get nude and they instead want her to host chats for the company, but it’s hard to tell if it’s a deal worth taking. A short perusal of Scores’ website shows some of the website’s information is pretty graphic, and while Lohan did pose naked for the gentleman’s magazine, Playboy, that’s not exactly the same thing as working for a strip club, even if she’s on the classier end of the work. Still, if she’s simply answering questions or hosting a session, it might be an idea worth entertaining. I mean, who knows what’s in that storage locker?



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