Taran Killam And Cobie Smulders' Wedding Featured Hay Rides

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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After a lengthy three-year-engagement, Saturday Night Liveís Taran Killam and How I Met Your Motherís Cobie Smulders finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in wine country yesterday. To celebrate, the couple rented out an entire ranch in Solvang, California for a guest list that numbered three hundred.

According to Rumor Fix, Smuldersí co-stars Alyson Hannigan and Neil Patrick Harris both made the cut along with their families. They reportedly watched the fifteen minute ceremony alongside other guests and then were transported to a private lake via hay rides, which no doubt was a heck of a lot of fun for the couple of honorís three-year-old daughter Shaelyn Cado.

Killam and Smulders first began dating eight years ago. Since, both have seen their careers steadily rise. Taran joined the cast of Saturday Night Live back in 2010, and Cobie was recently seen in the blockbuster The Avengers. Clearly, they offer something to each other both privately and professionally. Hopefully, in the coming years, the two will get even closer as their careers grow even more.

Pop Blendís sincerest congratulations go out to both Killam and Smulders. Given how long theyíve been together and the beautiful little girl they share, their new status shouldnít change a whole lot about their relationship. Hopefully, however, making it official will serve as yet another tie to bind the two together.
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