Tracy Morgan Hospitalized After Horrific Limo Bus Accident

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Former 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live star Tracy Morgan was involved in a devastating accident on the New Jersey Turnpike early this morning. At least one person is dead, and Morgan, along with six other people, remain hospitalized after the six-vehicle pile-up.

Details are still very fuzzy at this point, but according to TMZ, Morgan was riding in a limo bus when contact was made with 2 tractor-trailers, 2 cars and an SUV. Exactly who hit who and why still havenít been determined, but the chain reaction caused the limo bus to flip over. A 63-year-old man named James McNair quickly passed away, and the rest were rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible by emergency rescuers.

Tracy Morganís family members havenít spoken at length publicly about what happened, but they did reach out to CNN and issue a statementÖ
"His family is now with him and he is receiving excellent care."

Tracy Morgan was on the limo bus because he was returning from a comedy show he headlined in Delaware at the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino. By all accounts, he rocked the stage alongside opener Ardie Fuqua, who later tweeted about the standing ovation the men received, just before piling into the limo bus and heading back to New York City.

Right now, Morganís condition is being described as ďcriticalĒ, and his doctors at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital reportedly told family members that isnít expected to change anytime today. Heís had health problems in the past, but heís always been able to bounce back. Thereís no word yet on how Ardie Fuqua is doing. Pop Blendís sincerest thoughts go out to the entire Morgan family, the entire Fuqua family, as well as their friends and everyone else who was injured in this terrible accident. Weíre all hoping for speedy recoveries.
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