Well, this stunt couldn’t have gone worse. Pop singer Miguel was performing at the Billboard Music Awards last night when he decided to jump from the stage he was on to a nearby stage. The distance between the two platforms was a very makeable span, but unfortunately, he couldn’t quite generate enough airtime to clear the heads of two women. Consequently, one of them got kneeded right in the face, and the other poor girl got a Hulk Hogan style leg drop all up in her face.

Immediately after his giant boot made contact with the woman’s grill, Miguel knew something went horribly wrong, but like a true professional (or an unfeeling robot), he kept going with the song, pausing only long enough to hug a nearby woman and issue a vague mea culpa using just sad eyes to issue the apology.

So much for the normally boring Billboard Music Awards. Between this legl drop, Justin Bieber getting booed and Nicki Minaj giving Lil Wayne a lap dance, there wasn’t anything boring about what ABC aired last night. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if the ratings were higher next year because of all this action.

Here’s to hoping other awards shows take note.



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