Hours after a gunman opened fired in a Kindergarten classroom and killed nearly thirty people, President Barack Obama walked to the podium and spoke to the nation about the collective grief we’re all feeling. Normally the consummate, unflappable professional, the politician had to calm himself on several occasions and even wiped away tears from his eyes as he spoke about his reaction as a parent.

As the leader of the Free World, one learns to handle certain burdens and to shoulder travesties too sad and miserable for words, but no matter how much experience one has, it’s impossible to prepare for the loss of many children’s lives during one cruel and vicious attack. You can take a look at the President’s speech in its entirety below…

Details are still very fuzzy on what exactly happened, but apparently, a shooter stormed a Connecticut elementary school, murdered multiple teachers and executed numerous children. Regardless of his motives and the specifics of how he carried out his actions, there is a gaping hole in the hearts of Americans today. There is no greater crime than selfishly ripping the innocence away from a child. At least a dozen and a half lives were lost before they even truly got started today, and that will never be okay.

Pop Blend’s deepest sympathies go out to everyone who was touched by today’s massacre. We don’t know the pain you’re feeling, but we’re still here and ready to listen, help and, as the President showed, cry along with you.



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