Watch This Rat Play Fetch With Its Owner

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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I donít understand rats. I donít get why anyone would want to have them as pets, and I donít get why they donít creep everyone out. That being said, working at a vet hospital for two years during college taught me way more people than you would think, especially women, are big fans of keeping rats around the house. They see them as totally acceptable pets, and this video is a good indication of that.

Earlier this week, YouTube user Mr. Thylulenspiegel uploaded a video of himself playing fetch with his rat. The whole process looks very similar to what one might do with a dog except everything about it is way smaller. The ball looks like one of those bouncy ones you get for a quarter out of the machines at Pizza Hut, and it is rolled across the room rather than heaved a number of yards.

My favorite part of the clip is how utterly confused the cat looks when it walks into the room. With no idea how to process whatís going on, the animal just stands there with a confused expression on its face. With almost three hundred thousand views in just the past few days, this clip is looking like itíll be one of the more popular viral videos over the next few months, which, I suppose, shouldnít surprise anyone considering how much the Internet loves watching animals play games.
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