You know what the Internet loves? Watching random animals hang out. From lions and dogs to sloths and cats to deer and sheep, people can’t get enough of wacky combinations and their strange interactions, which is why it should surprise no one that the above video featuring a dog and deer playing games has begun amassing thousands of views.

First uploaded more than a year ago by Ben Hanson after he recorded his dog racing a deer along the border of a fence, the footage basically sat around for almost a year before it was suddenly discovered and started getting shared at a pretty solid rate. It now boasts almost forty thousand views, and in the coming days, that number should increase by quite a bit.

There’s always a sense of unknown when two animals of different species are brought together. We all know how most unfamiliar dogs and cats react to each other when they first meet, but with these weird mash-ups, there’s always the element of surprise. Humorously, however, it’s typically only the meetings that go well that tend to generate large numbers of views on the Internet. That being said, if you spot a random animal out in the wild, it’s probably not a good idea to turn on the camera and set your dog or cat loose.

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