Watch What Happens When Boiling Water Is Thrown Over A Russian Balcony In Winter

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Itís never too cold to play around with science. Whether itís plus ten degrees or minus forty-one degrees, itís always a good time for an experiment. The guys from Mythbusters have been proving that for years, and apparently, YouTube user lifehackertv has the same philosophy.

A few weeks back, it was forty-one degrees below zero on the Celsius scale outside his apartment; so, he boiled some water, found a friend with a video camera and tossed the steaming hot water over his balcony and into the frigid coldness. It immediately turned into a weird mix of snow and fog and floated off into the distance.

Take a look for yourself belowÖ

Iím really glad these guys had the foresight to put another camera on the ground. The second angle really makes the video more visually interesting, though it also makes me feel bad for whoever drew the short straw and had to stand outside in the freezing cold weather. Luckily, since everyone involved lives in Russia, heís probably used to it by now.

As for what anyone involved is saying in this video, I havenít the slightest idea. Maybe theyíre making hilarious comments about whatís going on. Maybe theyíre spewing nonsense. Either way, the experiment doesnít need any translation, which is pretty cool.
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