The loud beats, the screams of “Baby, Baby, Baby” and the energetic fans were too much for Stacey Wilson Betts two years ago when she took her daughter to see Justin Bieber perform live. She thought it would be a fun evening, but if you take it from the Oregon mom, it was a complete nightmare. She supposedly sustained permanent hearing loss thanks to the unsafe decibel level, and now, she wants more than nine million dollars to make it right.

According to E! Online, Betts filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against the Biebs, Island Def Jam Records, the concert promoter and the arena for allegedly impairing her quality of life. She claims to now have an oversensitivity to sound in both her ears, as well as some hearing loss and continued ringing thanks to a segment of the show that included a steel gondola. During the concert, Bieber apparently climbed onto the contraption and was pulled out over the crowd, leading to thousands of unreasonable screams that bounced off the gondola, creating a “sound blast”.

All I can say is this woman should be thanking God her daughter didn’t ask her to go to an AC/DC or Ted Nugent show. If she thinks the Biebs and his army of devoted followers are loud, she hasn’t heard anything close to the abuse certain metal and rock shows can have on a concertgoer's ears. Given no one else who attended the date seems to be injured, I would expect this lawsuit to be thrown out roughly nine seconds after it lands in front of a judge. We’ll keep you updated.



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