Video Emerges Of Justin Bieber Allegedly Egging Neighbor's House

By Mack Rawden 2 years ago
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Remember when everyone got all excited about Justin Bieber getting his act together after he booted his friends who were supposedly such terrible influences out of his house? Well, if the latest rumblings are to be believed, nothing whatsoever has changed. Heís been accused of egging his neighborís house, and the local police are taking the matter very seriously.

According to TMZ, the incident in question happened on Thursday night. The Biebsí neighbor, who heís had numerous run-ins with in the past, was supposedly hanging out with his daughter when they heard some strange sounds and headed out on the balcony. At that point, they allegedly spotted the Biebs firing eggs at the house and a verbal confrontation ensued.

Fortunately for the world, itís all on video, and itís more than worth a watch.

Given the shady camerawork and lack of visibility, the clip isnít exactly the smoking gun, but it sure as hell sounds like the Biebs vowing to throw more eggs. If thatís enough for the District Attorney, that could be a big problem for Beiber too. The eggs allegedly cost about twenty thousand dollars in damage to the neighborís home, which is a perfect example of why 1) egging a house is a bad idea and 2) egging Venetian plaster is an even worse idea.

Bieber has not confessed to the egging, nor has their been any contact between him and the neighbor since the incident. The authorities are reportedly interested in achieving a resolution as quickly as possible and have asked for an estimate to repair the home. The Biebs himself is obviously a suspect in the matter, but he has not been formally charged with either a felony or a misdemeanor related to the property damage he allegedly caused.

These selfish and childish acts arenít a good color on the singer, and at some point, his fans are going to stop looking the other way.
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