American Horror Story: Hotel Is About To Give Us The Most Awesome Crossover Yet image
Ever since it was revealed by Ryan Murphy that all of the seasons of American Horror Story are connected, the anthology series hasn’t let audiences forget it. And we're about to get another great crossover.
Nick Venable 2015-12-09
American Horror Story: Hotel Just Revealed The Ten Commandments Killer image
For most of American Horror Story: Hotel, we’ve watched Wes Bentley walk around like a man who breathed alcohol fumes instead of oxygen, hunting down the Ten Commandments Killer. And now we know who he was hunting.
Nick Venable 2015-12-03
No New American Horror Story: Hotel Tonight, Watch The Preview For The Ten Commandments Killer image
Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, FX wisely decided to hold off on airing a new episode of American Horror Story: Hotel. But check out the trailer for next week's episode.
Nick Venable 2015-11-26
American Horror Story Hotel: What The Hell Is Inside Room 33? image
We already know that American Horror Story: Hotel has some maniacal shit happening behind the door of Room 64, and tonight’s episode introduced us to what’s hiding inside of Room 33. Spoiler: it wasn't pretty.
Nick Venable 2015-11-12
American Horror Story Has Been Renewed For Season 6, Get The Details image
It’s been a big week for renewals. NBC gave the greenlight to new seasons of a bunch of shows just yesterday and today cabler FX is joining the trend by announcing a brand new season of American Horror Story. Here's what we know.
Jessica Rawden 2015-11-10
The Real American Horror Story: Hotel Serial Killer Might Be A Giant Twist image
As is generally the case after the first handful of American Horror Story episodes, Hotel currently has about 1,001 different character wheels spinning around one central location. And one of those characters is a serial killer.
Nick Venable 2015-11-04
7 Arguments American Horror Story Fans Will Never Stop Having image
Fans of American Horror Story will no doubt be familiar with the 7 arguments listed here, unless everyone else has completely like-minded friends and never spends any time haunting internet comment sections. Kudos to you, but for the rest of us, these are the discussions that this show has created over the years.
Nick Venable 2015-11-04
How American Horror Story: Hotel Might Connect To Season 1's Freakiest Character image
We’ve known for a while now that all of the seasons of American Horror Story are interconnected, and while we've already seen one connection from Murder House and Hotel, another one is coming.
Nick Venable 2015-10-28
TV's 10 Most Famous Witches, Ranked By Scariness image
Television over the years has seen creepy crawlies ranging from zombies to werewolves to vampires, but there’s nothing like a witch to give us nightmares. There are plenty of ways for a witch to be terrifying, and not all of them involve cauldrons or broomsticks.
Laura Hurley 2015-10-27
American Horror Story: Hotel Just Introduced its Best Character Yet image
Even though I would have bet money on Evan Peters’ H.H. Holmes-ish hotel architect Mr. March being my favorite oddball in this American Horror Story: Hotel bunch, he was temporarily knocked down to second place in "Mommy."
Nick Venable 2015-10-22
American Horror Story: Hotel Called Vile By Parents Watchdog Group image
The Parents Television Council has set their sights on Fox, taking issue with both the sex and violence on FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel as well as the time slotting of the comedy/horror anthology Scream Queens
Joshua Waldrop 2015-10-16
American Horror Story Is Still Crushing In The Ratings image
When it first aired, American Horror Story was far from a sure thing. The Season 5 premiere aired on October 7, and fans of the show will be pleased to know that American Horror Story is still crushing it in the ratings.
Laura Hurley 2015-10-09
Is American Horror Story Too Reliant On Shock Value Now?  image
There are many that have decried the American Horror Story: Hotel premiere for already being too gratuitously salacious. And so I wonder, is that actually the case? Has American Horror Story finally gone “too far” in the shock value department?
Nick Venable 2015-10-09
5 American Horror Story: Hotel Moments That Will Give Me Nightmares For A Week image
The season premiere aired tonight, and with it came more than a few scenes that not only lived up to the creepiest moments in the anthology series’ history, but some that will likely enter my dreams right when I think something good is about to happen.
Nick Venable 2015-10-08
The Creepy Event That Inspired American Horror Story: Hotel image
It’s somewhat surprising that it took American Horror Story five seasons to get to the concept of hotels, given how many stories and films have used temporary living spaces as a source of terror, but the creators have a very specific inspiration for this season.
Nick Venable 2015-10-07
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