Watch The Workaholics Guys Rock Out As Best Friends On Conan image
Did you know Adam DeVine can sing? Well, if you've seen Pitch Perfect, you do, but fans of Workaholics may not have been aware, which might have been why Conan O'Brien decided to bring the subject up during his interview with the cast this week in anticipation of the series' Season 4 premiere.
Kelly West 2014-01-23
Watch The Daily Show's Samantha Bee Win Television In An Ode To The Five image
Samantha Bee has always been a comedic dynamo when it comes to her reporting and varied contributions on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, but Tuesday night the esteemed comedian took it to a whole ‘nother level with her staggering commitment and subsequent hilarity played out in an incredible performance art piece regarding the roundtable antics of Fox News’ afternoon news program, The Five.
Alicia Lutes 2014-01-15
Peep Comedy Central's Amy Poehler-Produced Broad City Before It Premieres image
Comedy Central’s newest comedy, the Amy Poehler-produced Broad City has landed on the Internet for all the world to peep prior to its Wednesday, January 22 premiere. Based on the stars’ webseries of the same name, the show follows the lives of Abbi and Ilana, two friends attempting to muddle through the weird and wonderful post-college years. And if you're alive and a twentysomething in 2014, there’s a good chance the series will resonate with you.
Alicia Lutes 2014-01-09
Watch The Daily Show's Touching And Funny Goodbye To John Oliver image
Regardless, for Oliver's big night, Stewart and The Daily Show staff put together a really touching video that looked at Oliver’s more than seven years of experience, as well as spotlighted a few of the funniest moments from his Daily Show career.
Jessica Rawden 2013-12-22
South Park's Console Wars Continue With A Song Of Ass And Fire: Watch A Clip Here image
If you caught last week’s episode of South Park, ”Black Friday”, then you know it ended with a cliffhanger, as the war between Playstation people and Xbox people was just heating up, and winter was coming. Well, winter is still coming and so is Black Friday. “A Song of Ass and Fire” will continue to Game of Thrones theme
Kelly West 2013-11-18
Chris Hardwick's Late Night Talk Show @midnight Picked Up For Many More Episodes image
If you watched @midnight on Comedy Central, then this isn’t news to you, as Chris Hardwick shared the good news during the episode. (“Points!”) But for the rest of us, Comedy Central announced this week that they’ve picked up Hardwick’s late-night game show(ish) series for additional episodes, which will air starting January when The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report come back from their end-of-year hiatus.
Kelly West 2013-11-15
Xbox One Vs. Playstation 4: South Park Goes To War, Game Of Thrones-Style, Watch The Highlights image
The console wars have begun. Ok, they’ve been ongoing for years, and many would argue that battles of words have been waged pretty continuously for months now, but the only just got to South Park, and just in time for Black Friday! Winter is coming and you must choose a side. Are you a Playstation person or an Xbox person? You might want to figure that out, if you haven’t already, considering the PS4 and Xbox One are both set to arrive in the coming weeks.
Kelly West 2013-11-14
No New South Park Tonight, Power Outage Causes Series To Miss Its Deadline image
For the first time ever, South Park has missed its deadline, which means there will be no new episode of the long-running Comedy Central animated series tonight. The cable network issued an update today that, due to a power outage, tonight's planned episode, titled "goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers" was left unfinished and not ready for air tonight. A rerun will air in its place.
Kelly West 2013-10-16
South Park Season 17 Preview: Cartman Takes On The NSA image
South Park returns for its 17th season this Wednesday night, and we now have a look at what the kids are getting up to as the Comedy Central animated series resumes. Based on the new clip from Wednesday night's "Let Go, Let Gov," seems Cartman's having a rather strong reaction to learning that the NSA is snooping into people's personal business, but he's found a way around that.
Kelly West 2013-09-23
Futurama Series Finale Watch: Meanwhile image
Last night was (once again) the final episode of Matt Groening and David X Cohen's Futurama and it couldn't have gone out with a better installment than "Meanwhile." Well, except maybe "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings," the original finale when Fox dropped the multi-Emmy award winning animated series after four hilarious and impeccably crafted seasons. But this was pretty good too. And sad. No, that's not a tear.
Jesse Carp 2013-09-05
Watch Uncensored Clips Of Seth Rogen, Bill Hader And Others Roasting James Franco image
Each year, Comedy Central takes one celebrated celebrity, puts them in a chair and lets their friends take verbal shots at them. For James Franco, the star of this year's Comedy Central Roast, the friends included Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader and Sarah Silverman, and the jokes targeted his demonstrated interest in various art forms, his sexuality, which seems to be in question for some people, his squinty eyes and for his awkward attempt at hosting the Oscars with Anne Hathaway a few years back.
Kelly West 2013-09-03
Futurama Watch: Season 7, Episode 25 - Stench And Stenchibility image
First of all, the final few episodes of Futurama clearly aren't being broadcast in the production order since the title-card for "Stench and Stenchibility" was probably supposed to recall the installment that immediately preceded it not the one that aired two weeks ago. It also makes sense that the creatives would want it to follow "Game of Tones" since the latter's title is a play on last night's guest star Emilia Clarke's regular series. Game of Thrones. You might have heard of it.
Jesse Carp 2013-08-29
Futurama Watch: Season 7, Episode 24 - Murder on the Planet Express image
Not to sound like a broken record, however, it's important to stress that there a very few new episodes of Futurama remaining. And that's not just this season, it's (maybe) forever. To be honest, Season 7B has been a bit of a struggle and even had dedicated fans questioning whether it was time for the Emmy winning animated series to stop but with it still delivering clever parodies like "Murder on the Planet Express," perhaps we questioned too soon? Not that it matters, Futurama's still doomed. Dooooomed!
Jesse Carp 2013-08-22
Futurama Watch: Season 7, Episode 23 - Game Of Tones image
Not counting next year's cross-over with The Simpsons, there are only three episodes of Futurama left after last night’s nostalgic ”Game of Tones.” And with the animated series coming to an end (again), it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the writers wanted to bring back Seymour, Fry’s too-loyal dog and one of the most memorable guest stars from one of the show's most celebrated installments.
Jesse Carp 2013-08-15
Bill Hader, Jonah Hill And Others Lined Up For Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco image
Since we learned that James Franco would be the guest of honor at this summer's Comedy Central Roast, we've been left to wonder which celebrities would grace the dais for the event. With just weeks to go until the Roast is taped, Comedy Central has announced the all-star roster of Roasters who will join Roast Master Seth Rogen in a bit of friendly ribbing at the expense of (Academy Award nominated) actor James Franco.
Kelly West 2013-08-13
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