Storm Chasers Tim & Paul Samaras And Carl Young Killed In Oklahoma Tornado image
Tornados in the midwest continue to take lives this summer. Among the recent casualties in Oklahoma was Storm Chasers star Tim Samaras. He and his son Paul Samaras, along with Carl Young, were among those killed on Friday while chasing a tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma.
Kelly West 2013-06-02
North America Premieres On Discovery Channel Tonight image
Tonight, Discovery - the network that brought us nature and wildlife programs Planet Earth, Life and Africa - debut North America - will debut a 7-part series, which treks across the continent to check in on mother nature in her various forms. North America is a continent with an especially diverse array of climates, from the icy cold Alaska to the deserts in Arizona to tropical rain forests in Panama...
Kelly West 2013-05-19
Ku Klux Klan Featured In Discovery Channel Special, KKK: Beneath The Hood image
Discovery Channel is going Beneath the Hood to look at the lives of modern-day Ku Klux Klan members with a new special that will debut next week. According to the network's information, no topic is off limits in this exploration of this far-right white supremacist organization, known for cross burning and instigating racial tension, among other things, since the 1800s.
Kelly West 2013-03-13
Discovery Attempts To Strike Scripted TV Gold With Klondike Mini-Series image
Discovery Channel is headed down the scripted path for the first time in its history with Klondike, a mini-series about the Gold Rush based on a book by Canadian author Charlotte Gray. The success of gold hunting reality series Gold Rush seems to be giving them confidence that a scripted look at the original Klondike Gold Rush in 1895 will bring in the viewers as well.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-12-11
Mike Rowe Says Dirty Jobs Has Been Cancelled image
Mike Rowe’s days of making us all grateful for our clean and cushy desk jobs are at an end. Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs has reached its official end after 8 seasons of introducing viewers to some of the toughest, grossest, and most under-appreciated jobs in the nation.
Leslie Kasperowicz 2012-11-21
Amish Mafia Reality Series Headed To Discovery Channel image
In the silliest vie for eyeballs I may have ever encountered, Discovery Channel has put together Amish Mafia, a new reality TV series set to premiere next month on the network. The show is exactly what it sounds like—a poorly dressed version of the average neighborhood watch.
Jessica Rawden 2012-11-13
Kal Penn To Host Discovery's Competition The Big Brain Theory image
Amidst his acting jobs, Harold and Kumar's Kal Penn got involved in politics, and then returned to television, taking a recurring role on CBS' How I Met Your Mother, playing Robin's love interest Kevin. Now it seems he'll be putting his public speaking and performing abilities to good use as the host of a new show on the Discovery Channel.
Kelly West 2012-11-01
Discovery Celebrates Shark Week's 25th Anniversary This August image
Once upon a time, when Discovery was still a relatively new channel, the network came up with an idea to engage their audience with Shark-related programming for a week during the summertime. And so began the annual tradition of Shark Week. Many look forward to this event all year, wondering what shark-related programming Discovery will have in store for them each summer. 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Discovery's "Shark Week" and the network has big plans for the event, which is scheduled for August.
Kelly West 2012-06-28
Discovery Will Air New Series Deadly Seas This Friday  image
Deadly Seas is headed to the popular reality network and it is headed fast. The upcoming series is expected to launch on Friday, June 8 and its three parts will follow boats foraying into some of the deadliest waters in the world. David Pritikin is set to executive produce the series, alongside the people behind one of the network’s largest ratings goldmines, Gold Rush.
Jessica Grabert 2012-06-06
Kurt Sutter's Outlaw Empires Preview: Sons Of Anarchy Creator's New Series Premieres On Discovery In May image
The characters on the FX drama series Sons of Anarchy know a thing or two about crime rings. The men of SAMCRO dabble in various activities, some not entirely legal, as a means of income. Sons creator Kurt Sutter is apparently looking to branch out on the subject of crime rings, this time for an unscripted series for Discovery called Outlaw Empires. The six-part series will tell the stories of the most notorious crime rings in the United States.
Kelly West 2012-04-24
Discovery's Mythbusters Accidentally Fires A Cannonball Through Someone's House image
You have to figure that with a show like Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, something’s bound to go wrong every once in a while as they attempt to prove or disprove myths. This week, something definitely went wrong and the result was a giant hole and some other damage done to a neighborhood near where an experiment for the series was taking place.
Kelly West 2011-12-07
Hear Snoop Dogg's Title Track For Discovery's Weed Wars image
Next month, Discovery is set to premiere their new series Weed Wars, which takes a look at the world of medicinal cannabis (aka medical marijuana). Who better to do the opening theme song for such a series than Snoop Dogg? Check it out ahead!
Kelly West 2011-11-16
Discovery To Air Documentary iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed The World image
If you haven’t been able to fill your brains with as much knowledge as you can on the life and work of the late Steve Jobs, Discovery has something you might be interested in. The network announced today that they’ll be airing a special documentary called iGenius: How Steve Jobs Changed the World.
Kelly West 2011-10-10
Discovery Channel To Air Special About People Who Faked Their Own Deaths image
Ever imagine faking your own death? Discovery is set to delve into the subject with a three-part series featuring the real-life accounts of people who have faked their own death. It’s probably safe to assume their attempts were unsuccessful, given the fact that they’re being featured on this show.
Kelly West 2011-08-16
September 11th Tenth Anniversary TV Specials Scheduled: How Much Will You Watch? image
I doubt I’m alone in being unable to believe that it’s been ten years since 9/11. Regardless of how time flies, the tenth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon is quickly approaching and naturally, TV networks are set to begin airing specials.
Kelly West 2011-08-03
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