Shark Week Will Now Take Up The Whole Summer, Get The Details image
The once-educational network is pulling out all the stops this year when it comes to their famed Shark Week, which has now become the “Summer of the Shark,” and it will feature more shark programming than ever. Those who thought last year’s programming was all-encompassing were only standing in the belly of the beast.
Nick Venable 2015-01-30
Mythbusters Is Doing Special Episodes For These Two Beloved Franchises image
Mythbusters has been prepping for a new season for a while now. We recently learned the show’s Season 13 premiere would be a Simpsons-based episode, and the series will further be tapping into pop culture with these two fan-favorite franchises.
Kendall Ashley 2015-01-08
Mythbusters Is Going To Examine These Epic Moments From The Simpsons image
The year of the crossover will continue into 2015, as the Mythbusters season premiere will feature hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage taking on The Simpsons. Woo-hoo!
Nick Venable 2014-12-17
So, That Snake Guy Wasn't Actually Eaten Alive By A Snake image
When it comes to a show called Eaten Alive, those tuning in more than likely did so to watch someone get eaten alive. Such was most definitely NOT the case when it came to Discovery’s most recent piece of stunt programming, which should have been called Embraced Firmly.
Nick Venable 2014-12-08
Idris Elba Is Getting A New TV Show, Here Are The Details image
Whenever an actor takes part in any form of reality television, it’s usually just for funded exposure at the back end of a career. Acclaimed British actor Idris Elba is just settled into the peak of his, so it’s no surprise he won’t be living in a house with Verne Troyer and Da Brat. Instead, he’s doing this.
Nick Venable 2014-12-01
10 Great TV Moments That Weren't As Honest As We Thought image
Reelz’s look at Whitney Houston’s death allegedly used a fake drug dealer as a part of its “true” narrative, which makes one wonder how often this kind of thing happens. But before we all don our Inspector hats, here are ten of the most memorable instances where TV wasn’t being as truthful as we thought it was at the time.
Nick Venable 2014-11-26
Discovery To Air Special Where A Man Is Eaten By A Snake image
Discovery has creating programming that is more event-based recently. Nik Wallenda’s Chicago tightrope act aired live on the channel, and now the cable network is planning to get a little weirder with its newest special Eaten Alive.
Jessica Rawden 2014-11-06
Nik Wallenda Plans Daring New Tightrope Walk In This Major City image
Tightrope walker Nik Wallenda is ready for another daredevil challenge. He’s been planning a crazy tightrope stunt in Chicago since the spring, and on Tuesday, the Discovery Channel announced that Wallenda will be able to walk untethered above the Chicago River this winter. The walk will air live on The Discovery Channel this November.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-16
Sons Of Guns Canceled After Lead Accused Of Child Rape image
This week, the Discovery Channel announced that it was officially ending its reality series, Sons of Guns. The news follows the arrest of series lead Will Hayden on Tuesday in Louisiana. He was arrested for the aggravated rape of his daughter from the time she turned eleven to the present, with the most recent abuse occurring as recently as last month. Because of the graphic and violent nature of the crime, it seems as if Discovery is hoping to distance itself as far as possible from the show.
Jessica Rawden 2014-08-28
Shark After Dark Adds Ashley Tisdale, Chelsea Handler And More image
This year Discovery has signed on a few celebs that you might expect and a few you might not to host the network’s late night talk show Shark After Dark. The 2014 list includes Ashley Tisdale, Tara Reid, Matt Walsh and many, many more
Jessica Rawden 2014-08-07
Shark Week 2014 Is Bigger, Better And Even Wetter image
I suppose it would be newsworthy if Discovery Channel had somehow decided to scale back and give the world the shortest Shark Week ever, but that’s not the case here. As you can imagine, this year’s tribute to the ocean’s most iconic beast is actually bigger than any that have come before, with an unprecedented 13 Shark Week exclusives.
Nick Venable 2014-06-23
Live Everest Jump Special Cancelled By Discovery Following Deadly Avalanche image
One of the most exciting aspects about live television is the “anything goes” mantra that comes along with it, as some of the best parts of a concert or awards ceremony are the things no one could have planned. Discovery’s Everest Jump Live was a special event meant to take advantage of that spontaneity by documenting one of the most dangerous stunts every conceived, but real life tragedy struck in the form of the deadliest avalanche in Everest’s recorded history.
Nick Venable 2014-04-21
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Expanded Shark Week Arrives This August image
Sure, fireworks and BBQs will command American attention this week, but, next month, another American tradition will be unveiled when the annual Shark Week arrives on Discovery Channel. And, this time, it's bigger than ever.
Ryan Gowland 2013-07-02
Storm Chasers Tim & Paul Samaras And Carl Young Killed In Oklahoma Tornado image
Tornados in the midwest continue to take lives this summer. Among the recent casualties in Oklahoma was Storm Chasers star Tim Samaras. He and his son Paul Samaras, along with Carl Young, were among those killed on Friday while chasing a tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma.
Kelly West 2013-06-02
North America Premieres On Discovery Channel Tonight image
Tonight, Discovery - the network that brought us nature and wildlife programs Planet Earth, Life and Africa - debut North America - will debut a 7-part series, which treks across the continent to check in on mother nature in her various forms. North America is a continent with an especially diverse array of climates, from the icy cold Alaska to the deserts in Arizona to tropical rain forests in Panama...
Kelly West 2013-05-19
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