Downton Abbey: 5 Big Romances Foiled During Episode 3 image
Many of us assumed going into Season 4 that a lot of romance would be on the horizon. Between Edith, Rose, Mary, Tom Branson and the downstairs staff, there are a lot of young people on Downton Abbey who are desperately in need of a partner. While Edith has shown plenty of love and affection for Mr. Gregson, this past episode gave us the opportunity to see plenty of rebuffed advances and foiled romantic plans. Without further ado, here are the biggest romantic upsets from episode 3.
Jessica Rawden 2014-01-20
Downton Abbey: 5 Big Stories That Need To Be Resolved In Season 4 image
While the lengthy, two-hour opener for Dowton Abbey introduced us to a world post-Matthew, episode 2 opened up a can of worms in terms of new plots and brand new directions. It was a tough episode to get through and it means that Season 4 has quite a bit to resolve in the coming weeks. Here’s the top 5 things we think need to come to a head, and soon.
Jessica Rawden 2014-01-13
Downton Abbey Season 4 Premiere: An Update On All Of The Main Characters image
The pace was rather leisurely, even for an episode of Downton Abbey, but fans of the period drama should be pleased to have gotten large doses of most of the series leads. In case you missed last night’s big premiere or want a recap as to what the characters are up to, here’s a look at all the major players in Season 4, complete with plenty of chatty gossip. So, grab a cup of tea and delve in.
Jessica Rawden 2014-01-06
Downton Abbey Inspires UK New Inheritance Bill image
Well, since its early 1900s setting, many things have changed, but these 400-year-old laws are still in the process of being overturned. The latest strike against this sexist system is being credited to Lady Mary. (Sybil would be so proud!)
Kristy Puchko 2013-12-30
2014 Golden Globe Awards Nominations: TV Categories image
It’s that time of year again! Yesterday, we heard from the Screen Actors Guild on their nominations for their annual awards ceremony, and today the Hollywood Foreign Press shares their own nominations for the Golden Globe Awards.The Golden Globes celebrate some of the best that TV and film have to offer in the past year.
Kelly West 2013-12-12
Downton Abbey Christmas Special Trailer Teases Paul Giamatti And More image
It's a second coming of the American invasion, and this time it's not just Shirley MacLaine getting in on the Edwardian action at Downton Abbey. Paul Giamatti (he of Sideways fame) has also hopped aboard the good ship Yorkshire, set to portray Lady Cora's brother Harold in the upcoming Christmas Special, two-hour standalone episode for the exceedingly popular British soap opera. And times, it seems, they are a-changin' for everyone involved — and we don't just mean the ruffling of feathers our queen of Realness, the Dowager Countess experiences every single day.
Alicia Lutes 2013-12-09
Downton Abbey Renewed for Fifth Season Because We'll Never Quench Our Dowager Thirst image
Dowager Countess obsessives unite! It seems our fair lady of Yorkshire and her entire Crawley family harem are slated to return to television screens for a fifth season of Downton Abbey. Both of the series’ home networks — the British ITV and the stateside PBS — confirmed the news Sunday. So hold onto your hats and find a nice chaise lounge to faint upon because the sweeping Edwardian drama is here to stay! Somebody, quick: go tell Carson.
Alicia Lutes 2013-11-11
Downton Abbey Season 4 Trailer Brings The House Back to Full Strength image
Last month, we saw a clip from the upcoming season of Downton Abbey, which gave us an indication of where things are for Mary in the wake of last season’s tragedy. It’s at this point that you want to stop reading if you’re still not caught up on Season 3 of Downton Abbey! In addition to showing Mary as she deals with her grief, and Dowager Countess’ efforts to bring her out of it, we also get a glimpse of some more uplifting moments, including some romance for Edith.
Kelly West 2013-10-31
Sherlock Season 3 Premiere Date Set For January image
If you’re a fan of good British TV, you may want to keep your Sunday nights clear come this January. We’re already anticipating the fourth season of Downton Abbey, which is set to premiere after the new year, and today comes word that PBS Masterpiece is also going to be airing the third season of Sherlock in January, pairing the mystery-thriller with the period drama for what is sure to be hours of must-watch television...
Kelly West 2013-10-23
From Breaking Bad To Homeland: Which Emmy Contenders Deserve To Win?  image
Predicting the Emmy Awards isn't always an easy task, but it's certainly fun to speculate over the nominees, which is what we did for the Outstanding Drama Series category. Arguments can really be made for or against all of the nominees in the category. There are six nominated dramas, and as it happens, some of us here at Cinema Blend were able to come up with solid arguments as to why some of these dramas deserve to win this year. And then there are the dramas that might not be so deserving, either for the win or even the nomination.
K. West, J. Carp, J. Rawden, M. Rawden, K. Rich 2013-09-19
Downton Abbey Season 4 Clip Focuses On Mary's Grief  image
Across the pond, Downton Abbey is gearing up to start its fourth series this weekend, but those of us in the States still have a few more months to wait for the show to return. I've actually felt pretty patient about the series' return, and probably wouldn't have thought much about it if not for the trailer that circulated earlier this month and now this new clip.
Kelly West 2013-09-18
Downton Abbey Season 4 Will Feature Fewer Deaths, Virginia Woolf image
Season 4 of Downton Abbey is just around the corner for U.K. fans and will hit the States in early 2014. Just ahead of the show’s premiere the cast and crew have given us some hints concerning what lies ahead. If you are a fan of the drama, which airs on PBS in the U.S., Season 4 promises to be a transformative season, full of modern technology, new characters, and a whole new outlook on life.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-13
Downton Abbey Season 4 Preview Reveals Mary In Mourning image
The problem with British imports is that U.S. audiences often don’t get new seasons for months after the programs air in the U.K. The flip side of that coin is that U.S. audiences get stills and previews well in advance of a show’s actual premiere, which can help drum up anticipation and interest. Such is the case for Downton Abbey, an ITV program that airs on PBS in the States. ITV is gearing up for the Season 4 premiere on the network and has released the first official preview for Season 4.
Jessica Rawden 2013-09-01
Streaming Watch: 11 Great TV Shows Now Available On Amazon Prime image
For those of you looking for an escape from what's left of the summer festivities, there are some great options on Amazon Prime. Last week, we offered you a selection of excellent, currently-airing TV shows consisting of three seasons or fewer, which were available streaming on Netflix. Today, we have a new list with the same criteria for shows that are not available to Amazon Prime subscribers. Those looking to get caught up on some worth-watching TV series ahead of their respective new seasons may want to give these a try.
K. West, J. Carp, J. Rawden, M. Rawden 2013-08-28
Downton Abbey Season 4 Images Reveal Babies And Houseguests image
On Tuesday, the show released a slew of new stills from the upcoming Season 4, complete with captions. While they don’t tell us a whole lot about the upcoming episodes, they do give us a glimpse at what Matthew and Mary and Sybil and Branson’s children look like, as well as gives us some glimpses at the gorgeous costumes and settings the show employs.
Jessica Rawden 2013-08-13
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