Sons Of Anarchy Season 7, Episode 4 Watch: A SAMCRO Member Dies, And More image
Working all the angles means having one’s eyes and ears in all places at once, which is virtually impossible, even when everybody’s working together. Jax has been biting off more than he could chew for years now, but his schemes are now a lot more impulsive than they used to be, and SAMCRO is a lot more transparent than it used to be. Which is how we get to another signature Sons of Anarchy massacre.
Nick Venable 2014-09-30
The Strain Season 1, Episode 12 Watch: Loss And Vengeance Pave The Way To The Finale image
With just one week until The Strain's first season finale, it's time to start upping the ante a little. Did "Last Rites" give the series new life, or is it one step closer to the grave?
Mike Reyes 2014-09-28
American Horror Story Reveals Even More Hideously Grotesque Faces And Bodies  image
Is it just me, or does it feel like we’re never ever going to get to the first episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show? Maybe it’s just that FX has been releasing one whacked-out teaser after another, ramping my anticipation up higher than the Big Top. Here are several more promos for you to wrap your conjoined heads around.
Nick Venable 2014-09-25
Sons Of Anarchy Season 7, Episode 3 Watch: SAMCRO Gets Cozy With Charming's New Sheriff image
“Playing with Monsters” opens with the elaborately constructed resuscitation scene from the softcore porno Skankenstein, which is one of the greatest things this series has ever given us, but this half-nude abomination is not one of the “monsters” the title is referring to. Of course, almost everyone on this show is some kind of a creature.
Nick Venable 2014-09-23
The Strain Season 1, Episode 11 Watch: Eph Finally Comes Face To Hideous Face With The Master image
This week on The Strain, both the adults and the kid go off wandering, with one finding a more positive outcome than the rest. Plus, Eph and Fet work on their pissing match skills.
Mike Reyes 2014-09-22
Check Out Wes Bentley's Terrible Facial Hair In New American Horror Story Images image
American Horror Story: Freak Show has spent the last several months teasing its ensemble cast. We’ve seen videos and photos from the set of the Florida-based series, and this week FX released a bevy of photos showing spectacular, colorful costuming and some truly terrible facial hair. The photos are particularly compelling because they give us a good look at the characters played by Wes Bentley, Emma Roberts and Frances Conroy.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-21
Justified Season 6 Just Won The Casting Game, Hired 2 Perfect Actors image
In the past five years, FX’s has delivered some of the most interesting villains on TV, utilizing the acting talents of actors like Walton Goggins, Margo Martindale and Michael Rapaport. For its sixth and final season, the southern-fried drama will bring out the legendary Sam Elliott’s dark side for a recurring role,
Nick Venable 2014-09-19
Tyrant Renewed For Season 2, Here Are The Specifics image
FX has been steadily growing its original programming lineup for years. This summer, the network added Tyrant to its lineup and on Thursday, FX announced that the Middle East drama will be returning to the schedule for a second season. While Tyrant had a pretty loyal following this summer and managed to create a little buzz, I’m not surprised it took FX a little time to renew the summer offering.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-18
American Horror Story Just Unveiled A Foot So Deformed It'll Ruin Your Day image
If you’re a lady getting ready to go out for a night on the town, there’s a good chance you’ll be putting on some stockings and high heel shoes. Of course, if you’re involved with the traveling exhibit at the heart of American Horror Story: Freak Show, then you probably don’t need to worry about uncomfortable footwear.
Nick Venable 2014-09-17
Sons Of Anarchy Season 7, Episode 2 Watch: Jax's Perfect Plan, Now With More Holes In It image
This week on Sons of Anarchy, Jax tries to do things to help the club and ends up doing something that could put him in unexpected danger. Good old Jax.
Nick Venable 2014-09-16
The Strain Watch: Loved Ones - Somebody That You Used To Know image
With only three episodes left after tonight, The Strain is starting to tie up some loose ends, as well as plant some new plotlines for next season. Unfortunately, one of those loose ends has met a violent end that turns into a dark beginning.
Mike Reyes 2014-09-14
Sons Of Anarchy's Season 7 Premiere Breaks Ratings Record image
With a little luck, Sons of Anarchy’s final season will follow the same sort of trajectory as AMC’s harrowing drama Breaking Bad. Like the recently ended meth drama, Sons of Anarchy’s ratings have improved over time. If they continue to improve in the coming weeks, the finale might yield the kind of ratings the cable network doesn’t see very often.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-10
American Horror Story Reveals Weird Boobs, Deformed Hands And This Hideous Clown image
While ghastly clowns and sword-swallowers are a treat, American Horror Story: Freak Show's teasers aren't really a part of the show itself, and only a few actual details about the Freak Show plot and characters have emerged. Until now. Cue the slo-mo calliope music.
Nick Venable 2014-09-10
Sons Of Anarchy Season 7 Premiere Watch: A Revenge So Gruesome image
We’re on our way out of a dauntingly hot summer, but FX is putting us right back into the heat with the Season 7 premiere of the intensity-swamped Sons of Anarchy. Charming has always been a dangerous place, but it’s always had a fairly sane Jax Teller in its population. And after last season, he'll never be the same again.
Nick Venable 2014-09-09
Sons Of Anarchy: 5 Big Things You Need To Know For The Season 7 Premiere image
With a show like Sons of Anarchy, the plotlines come quick and are all layered on top of one another, and the long wait time between seasons means it’s easy to lose track of where these characters are when Season 7 kicks off, not to mention what their mental states are like. So we’re tackling five (or so) of the most relevant story points going into this season and offering a little backstory on each one so everybody can start off on the same level.
Nick Venable 2014-09-09
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