Californication And House Of Lies Earn DVD Release Dates image
Two Showtime series are in the works for a December DVD release. Californication, which wrapped up its fifth season last spring, and House of Lies, which ended Season 1 back in April. Both shows are gearing up for new seasons on the subscription cable network, and if you are a little behind, there’s no need to worry. Californication - The Fifth Season and House of Lies – The First Season are coming to DVD on December 18.
Jessica Rawden 2012-11-23
House Of Lies Season 2 Promos Reintroduce Don Cheadle's Marty Kaan image
Despite what many considered to be a rocky first season, Showtime's House of Lies still managed to get renewed for a second, as well as nab an Emmy nomination for lead actor Don Cheadle. To be fair, his nod was even well-deserved; in fact, the entire ensemble always performed above and beyond the material. Many shows take some time to find their footing, so perhaps the rest of the show can rise to meet the quality of the cast come Season 2?
Jesse Carp 2012-10-02
Californication Season 6, Shameless Season 3 And House Of Lies Season 2 Premiere Dates Set image
Showtime has Dexter and Homeland on deck to return later this month, but those hoping to know when they'll catch a sight of Hank Moody, Marty Kaan or the Gallaghers are in luck! The good news is, the dates have been set for the return of Californication, House of Lies and Shameless. Of course, we still have a few more months to wait for their premieres.
Kelly West 2012-09-17
Showtime Releases Dexter, Episodes, Shameless And House Of Lies Memes For Comic Con image
Just when you thought that Comedy Central had successfully run memes as a marketing strategy into the ground while advertising the seventh season of Futurama, Showtime released their internet-inspired San Diego Comic-Con campaign. Whether they are making the trip to the convention or not, several of the networks' original series - including Episodes, Shameless, House of Lies and Dexter - have been given a few designs to litter across the event.
Jesse Carp 2012-07-05
House Of Lies Watch: Episode 7 - Bareback Town image
Last week's "Our Descent Into Los Angeles" was an interesting moment for House of Lies, marking a significant transition from entertainingly awful to boringly run of the mill. I guess that's an improvement? But a lot of series aren't outstanding in their first season so it is at least a little promising that the creators recognize and are actively trying to solve a lot of the show's problems. "Bareback Town" was another arguably better show for the series and yet somehow even less enjoyable to watch.
Jesse Carp 2012-02-20
House Of Lies Watch: Episode 6, Our Descent Into Los Angeles image
Last week, the Galweather and Stearns 'Pod' went to consult a hotel chain in "Utah" and, even though it was far from good television, it was still an improvement on the series' previous episodes. House of Lies has been paying attention to its own shortcomings and at least trying to pick up the slack. For now, the team is home in Los Angeles, ready for work in the office on Friday morning and it seems like this week won't have a procedural aspect. So, the only part that worked last week won't be featured this episode. Maybe they aren't trying.
Jesse Carp 2012-02-13
House of Lies Preview: Episode 6, Our Descent Into Los Angeles image
House of Lies improves slightly every week. They've slowly come to realize that perhaps less is more, especially when it comes to the style-heavy show. The show needs to stop relying on 'edginess' - both stylistically and narratively - and just try and flush out the characters and let the conflicts they've put in place blossom. Thankfully, this seems to be the strategy for Episode 6, Our Descent Into Los Angeles.
Jesse Carp 2012-02-07
House Of Lies Watch: Episode 5 - Utah image
Showtime’s House of Lies has tried to work out several of its kinks over the first five episodes and, in doing so has improved significantly. The episode titles continue to confirm that, even if the show is confused about a lot of its storytelling, it's most definitely written with a procedural structure in mind. This week’s trip to “Utah” was another step forward for the struggling show, although it's still a long road ahead.
Jesse Carp 2012-02-06
Showtime Renews House Of Lies, Californication And Shameless image
Shameless is up 30% from its season 1 weekly viewers, and is the second-most watched show on the network behind long-running hit Dexter. House of Lies is slightly less-watched but still the network's best-watched comedy, and Californication, even in its fifth season, is up 10% from Season 4
Katey Rich 2012-02-01
House of Lies Preview: Episode 5, Utah image
Showtime’s House of Lies is a struggle. They have tried so many different things in the first four episodes that it's coming increasingly hard to tell what this show wants to be, which, of course, is probably the series main problem. However, it is a mess that is slowly mopping itself up from week to week and getting much cleaner. Oh, and actually spending some time to add depth and humanize the nasty characters that inhabit the House of Lies. Here's a preview for "Utah."
Jesse Carp 2012-01-30
House Of Lies Watch: Episode 4, Mini-Mogul image
Showtime’s House of Lies is getting closer to being a show I could actually call not terrible. Unfortunately, at the moment, it's still wildly inconsistent, consisting of moments that we could call the good, the bad and the awful. Describing last week, I think I used the words 'second pilot' and "Mini-Mogul" made me believe those words even more. The show has come a long way in four episodes but it is still desperate searching to find itself and sadly, has a lot of looking left.
Jesse Carp 2012-01-30
House of Lies Preview: Episode 4, Mini-Mogul image
Showtime’s House of Lies is a messy show. It’s not so much that the characters and the situations they get into are messy but that the series as a whole seems a little slapped together. It’s very tonally, thematically and stylistically inconsistent which leaves the final portrait muddled at best. Still, each episode and each ensuing preview still offer glimmers of hope. Take a look at the preview for Mini-Mogul.
Jesse Carp 2012-01-23
House of Lies Watch: Episode 3 - Microphallus image
While Showtime’s House of Lies improved significantly with the second episode of the series, almost all of that the positive growth was wasted in the third with Microphallus. However, if there's something to take away from this episode, it's that a lot of the better moments were spent planting seeds for the larger seasonal narrative and House of Lies still has potential. Will it realize it before it's too late?
Jesse Carp 2012-01-23
House Of Lies Webseries: Fridays At Galweather - Sexual Harassment image
Showtime's new series House of Lies just aired its second episode on Sunday night and already showed a vast improvement from the pretty much universally panned pilot. One of the reasons that the show saw such a drastic improvement is that they decided to focus the attention away from Marty Kaan's family problems and onto his Pod at Galweather & Stearn. In fact, the sidekicks, Clyde and Doug, are probably the most enjoyable part of the series so far, so the recently released accompanying web-series called Fridays at Galweather is a nice treat.
Jesse Carp 2012-01-17
House of Lies Preview: Episode 3 - Microphallus  image
Showtime's House of Lies improved significantly with the second episode. After a more than rocky premiere, Amsterdam didn't completely shake all the annoying trappings and irritating cliches, however, they did manage to tone it down to a manageable level. Actually, the second half of the second show really started to pick up, including one fantastic scene, which makes the anticipation for Microphallus a little more justified. Even if the title is Microphallus.
Jesse Carp 2012-01-17
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