Giveaway: Goodie Bag For USA's In Plain Sight CONTEST CLOSED image
In case you havenít heard, USA has a new series called In Plain Sight set to premiere this June. Weíre hosting a giveaway for some In Plain Sight goodie-bags filled with some very useful In Plain Sight-themed items!
Kelly West 2008-05-14
Photos: Dancing With The Stars De La Fuente From In Plain Sight image
Admittedly, Iím not a big fan of Dancing With the Stars but as it turns out, one of this seasonís contestants has an upcoming role in the new, yet to premiere USA series, In Plain Sight. If youíre a fan of Cristian de la Fuente or if, like me, youíre looking forward to the premiere of In Plain Sight, youíll probably appreciate these pictures.
Kelly West 2008-05-13
2008 Summer TV Preview: In Plain Sight image
From the promos it looks like she and her family are interesting enough to keep the series fun and relatively light. USA seems to thrive off series that are both funny and occasionally series without being too heavy. In that respect, In Plain Sight looks like itíll fit right in on the network.
Kelly West 2008-05-11
2008 Summer TV Premiere Schedule image
The summer season is quickly approaching and the premiere dates for the series set to start back up with new episodes in the upcoming months are slowly but surely popping up on the network websites. In an effort to help you (and ourselves) keep track of everything, hereís a list of the premiere dates for this summer's TV season. Since not all of the premiere dates are available just yet, this schedule is a work-in-progress.
Kelly West 2008-05-11
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