Justified, Legit, Archer And More Set On FX And FXX's Winter Premiere Schedule image
FX and FXX have begun to lay out their midseason plans. For FX, that includes the returns of Justified and Archer, as well as the premiere of Chozen, an animated comedy originally slated for FXX, but has been moved to FX to join Archer on Monday night. Meanwhile, FXX will pair Ali G: Rezurection with the return of Jim Jefferies comedy Legit in February. Also set to return in February is The Americans, which will begin its second season on FX.
Kelly West 2013-11-05
Justified Season 4 Will Hit Blu-ray And DVD This December  image
The criminals in FXís drama series have caused problems for reluctant Kentucky Deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) over the years, but in Season 4, his tenuous relationships with the local criminals keep reaching breaking points, making for 13-episodes of television that should not be missed. Soon, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is bringing Justified: The Complete Fourth Season onto Blu-ray and DVD.
Jessica Rawden 2013-10-28
Justified Renewed For Season 5, FX Greenlights Fargo  image
FX is adding a new project and renewing a second. First, Justified will be getting a fifth season. With ratings increasing in the currently airing Season 4, this really should be no surprise for fans. Maybe itís the better access to Boyd and Ava that is bringing people in. Additionally, it seems the Coen brothersí Fargo project is actually happening and will air on FX.
Jessica Rawden 2013-03-28
Raylan Versus The Villains: Justified's Five Greatest Moments image
If nothing else, Justified is about conflicts in personality. Itís about two men, or a man and a woman, testing each otherís wills and trying to exert their force on the other. Itís about Raylan trying to gain the edge on Kentuckyís greatest outlaws, businessmen, and thieves. So, without further ado, here are Raylanís greatest match-ups in the history of Justified.
Jessica Rawden 2013-01-08
Justified Season 4 Premiere: War, Turmoil And Salvation image
Justified premieres Season 4 tonight on FX, introducing new mysteries and obstacles for U.S. Marshal Raylan Givins and the people of Harlan County. Mixing drama and suspense with a hint of humor and a few dashes of violence, Justified doesn't waste much time getting the ball rolling on Season 4's story. And as a bonus, the premiere includes an appearance by Patton Oswalt.
Kelly West 2013-01-08
Justified: The Complete Third Season [DVD Review] image
Justified started as a show about a misplaced Deputy U.S. Marshal, re-acquainting himself with his southern Kentucky roots. Over the past three seasons, Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) has fallen back into the rhythm of Harlan County, Kentucky, giving us a much closer look at some of the areaís most colorful residents.
Jessica Rawden 2013-01-01
Lost's Sam Anderson Joins Justified's Season 4 Cast image
FXís Justified is gearing up for Season 4, and some brand new bad guys, as well as many of the usual suspects are returning to the crime dramaís lineup. Now, Lostís Sam Anderson has signed on for the Season 4 cast of FXís awesome drama, and it looks like his character will be into some deep shit (although, if thatís a surprise for anyone, you clearly donít watch this program).
Jessica Rawden 2012-12-17
Justified Season 4 Teasers: Your Greatest Enemy May Be Standing Right In Front Of You image
It wasn't that long ago that we last saw Timothy Olyphant on FX thanks to a great cameo on The League but it doesn't really compare to getting to see the actor grace the small screen in his ten gallon as U.S. Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens. The Season 3 finale of Justified was months ago and it feels like forever since we last saw Elmore Leonard's lawman touting his shotgun in an attempt to clean up his childhood home of Harlan Country. Well, The wait is almost over.
Jesse Carp 2012-12-06
Justified, Archer, Anger Management, And Legit Premiere Dates Set By FX image
When FX decides to set premiere dates, the network doesnít mess around. For fans who have been looking forward to new seasons of Justified, Archer, and Anger Management, or who are wanting to check out the networkís brand new comedy, Legit, will be able to do so sooner than anyone may have expected.
Jessica Rawden 2012-11-28
Justified Season 4 Photo Shows Patton Oswalt With A Badge image
Justified is a series that knows how to balance humor with drama and suspense, so Patton Oswalt seems like the perfect kind of actor to guest star on the FX series. Known for his stand-up comedy, the comedian-actor has a proven and demonstrated knack for mixing funny with serious. See Big Fan and Young Adult for feature examples of what I'm referring to. Or perhaps we'll have another great example when he appears in the upcoming fourth season premiere of Justified.
Kelly West 2012-11-21
The Pacific's Joe Mazzello Joins Justified For Season 4 image
Joe Mazzello's face may be familiar to those of us who've seen Jurassic Park and Radio Flyer, two early-90s films that featured the child star prominently. In more recent years, the actor has begun to make a name for himself once again with roles in The Social Network and HBO's The Pacific. And coming up, we'll see him in on FX's Justified.
Kelly West 2012-10-29
FX Renews Justified For Season 4 image
Justified crossed the half-way point for its third season with last weekís episode. Fans of the FX drama series can rest assured that its third season wonít be its last. Word is, the cable network has given the series an order for a fourth season.
Kelly West 2012-03-06
Justified Season 3 Review: Raylan Givens Is Back On FX image
Going into the third season of FXís Justified, the question likely to be on the minds of fans is, ďHow can this show top its second season?Ē Itís too soon to tell, but having screened the first few episodes of Season 3, Justified is back, for better or worse. So far, Iíd say for better.
Kelly West 2012-01-17
Justified Season 3 Preview: Guns, Sex, And Broken Glass image
Iím finally caught up and on board with FXís drama series Justified and just in time to join in on counting down to the premiere of Season 3. For those of you who are with me on that, we have a brief but drama-filled promo video for the new season for you to check out.
Kelly West 2011-12-29
FX Sets Premiere Dates For Justified, Archer And Unsupervised image
Justified fans will be happy to know that FX has the official date for the seriesí return set for this January. Also announced today was the premiere of the new animated comedy Unsupervised and the return of the animated series Archer.
Kelly West 2011-11-28
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