Channing Tatum And Jimmy Fallon Get Girly And Grossed Out In Late Night Sketch image
After seeing the midnight showing of Magic Mike last night, I went to sleep with visions of Tatum dancing in my mind. So it's with great pleasure and amusement that I share this video from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which has Tatum showing off his moves in a pretty drastically different context. And liberal use of the word "Ew" is featured.
Kelly West 2012-06-29
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Produces Second Downton Sixbey Sketch image
Jimmy Fallon collected a number of people involved with Late Night along with some well-known celebrities to create Downton Sixbey a spoof of the BBC’s Downton Abbey set in studio 6B. At the time, it seemed like the sort of sketch requiring a lot of time and effort to continue to keep airing, so I wasn’t certain we would see the parody again, despite its cliffhanger ending. As it turns out, Downton Sixbey is alive, returning to Late Night during Thursday’s episode.
Jessica Grabert 2012-05-26
President Obama Slow Jams The News With Jimmy Fallon, Discusses College Loans, Key & Peele And More image
It was a special episode for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night, as President Barack Obama paid a visit to the show, engage in a few laughs, share a few stories, and discuss some politics. Among the topics of discussion, the recent Secret Service scandal in Columbia, legalizing weed, and Comedy Central's Key & Peele. Check out the clips ahead!
Kelly West 2012-04-25
Jimmy Fallon Spoofs Downton Abbey With Downton Sixby image
However, on Thursday night, Fallon’s strove to do just that, creating show-within-the-show Downton Sixby, a parody of BBC’s Downton Abbey which follows Fallon as the Earl of NBC’s studio 6B just trying to find the right Kardashian joke in an upstairs, downstairs world that includes cue card valets and butler writers.
Jessica Grabert 2012-04-13
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon To Host Week-Long Bruce Springsteen Tribute image
So next week hasn’t officially been coined Springsteen week, but it should be. Beginning Monday, Late Night plans to kick off its Springsteen tribute with a musical appearance from the veteran musician and his E Street band. That won’t be the last we see from the band, however. The whole gang will return on Friday, March 2, for an interview and a little more music.
Jessica Grabert 2012-02-24
Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute To Jeremy Lin With A Pearl Jam Parody image
Jimmy Fallon has gone Linsane. This isn’t the first time his enthusiasm for something has led to a musical number. The late night talk show host took on a popular ‘90‘s grunge tune to pay tribute to New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin. How’s Jimmy’s impression of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder? Find out ahead...
Kelly West 2012-02-24
Michelle Obama And Jimmy Fallon Face-Off With Physical Challenges On Late Night image
I’ve come to develop an appreciation for the goofier segments on late night television. In fact, after a long day, there’s little I enjoy more than sitting back and watching Conan, Kimmel and Fallon deliver their opening monologues and whatever silly segments they might have packaged for us. In the case of last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, first lady Michelle Obama got in on the act for a segment related to her “Let’s Move” children’s fitness initiative.
Kelly West 2012-02-08
Jimmy Fallon, Adam Sandler And Andy Samberg Impersonate One Another On Late Night image
There are certain people you always want to see in a room together but you never expect to. Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg, and Adam Sandler fit that bill, at least for those of us who have always appreciated their work on SNL. All three Saturday Night Live vets were together last night on the special Super Bowl Game Night episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Impressions were inevitable.
Kelly West 2012-02-06
Jimmy Fallon's Super Bowl Week Guests Include Tebow, Lautner, Sandler And Others image
Earlier this week, we shared the news that NBC Universal had a huge line-up of Super Bowl themed programming set to air, including special episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which will take place in Indianapolis during the days leading up to the big game. NBC announced the list of guests who will be featured, and among them are Tim Tebow, Taylor Lautner and The Voice mentor Adam LeVine.
Kelly West 2012-01-27
NBC's 2012 Super Bowl Coverage Includes A Live Post-Game Episode Of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon image
NBC has the Super Bowl this year, and from the amount of coverage NBC Universal has on the game, it’s evident they’re making the most of it. From NBC, to the affiliated networks, to their in flight programming through American Airlines and the Universal theme parks, NBC is going all out with Super Bowl XLVI programming.
Kelly West 2012-01-25
Jimmy Fallon Combines Tim Tebow And David Bowie For A Song image
While Saturday Night Live took a few shots at Tim Tebow a few weeks back in a sketch that poked fun of the football player’s religious enthusiasm and it looks like Jimmy Fallon took a similar approach in a musical number he performed on Late Night last night. Check it out ahead.
Kelly West 2012-01-13
2012 Peoples Choice Award Winners Include Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural And 2 Broke Girls image
The people have spoken, or judging by the list of winners among the TV categories of the 2012 People’s Choice Awards, the young people have spoken, with Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries among the series that went home with awards last night.
Kelly West 2012-01-12
Watch Portlandia's Fred Armisen Sing With Jimmy Fallon On Late Night image
Fred Armisen visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about the return of is excellent IFC comedy series Portlandia for its second season. Music, laughs, and talk of Saturday Night Live also ensued. Check out the videos ahead.
Kelly West 2012-01-06
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Video: Louis C.K. Talks New Years, The White House, And His Comedy Special image
Louis C.K. appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. In case you missed it, we have the videos, which feature the comedian as he talks about his upcoming gig at the White House Correspondents Dinner, as well as an update on the success of his latest comedy special, which he’s made available to purchase online for the low-low price of $5.
Kelly West 2011-12-22
Michele Bachmann Gets An Apology From NBC image
Rep. Michele Bachmann was looking for an apology from NBC over the incident on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and reports are stating that she got one. This follows a tweeted apology from the host of the late night talk show over the song choice made by the house band The Roots when the presidential candidate was making her way out to the interview chair.
Kelly West 2011-11-24
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