Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Preview: Watch A Terrified Skye Deal With Her Powers image
To get fans hyped for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s March return, ABC has aired the first promo for Episode 11 called “Aftershocks,” showing Skye dealing with her new abilities. It doesn't go very smoothly.
Adam Holmes 2015-01-28
Wet Hot American Summer Teaser Trailer Is Nostalgic Greatness image
One of the greatest comedies that’s ever existed – and if you’ve got a problem with that, you can suck on a talking can of vegetables – Wet Hot American Summer is coming back to audiences as a Netflix prequel series. And while we won’t get to see the actual show until later this year, we have our first sun-covered taste with this new teaser.
Nick Venable 2015-01-27
Outlander's Latest Preview Teases A Twist In The Mid-Season Premiere image
As promised, Starz has delivered another sip of Outlander to quench (or taunt) our thirst during the great #Droughtlander of 2014-2015. This taste comes in the form of the opening scene, which includes an intro from Ronald D. Moore...
Kelly West 2015-01-25
6 Things We Know About Arrow's Next Episode Midnight City image
Next week the insanity continues in “Midnight City,” which is the second part of this unofficial Arrow trilogy. What we know so far comes from the official CW description and the 30 second promo the network has released, and there are plenty of clues and hints about what’s coming. We’ve gone ahead and broken down what you can expect from the January 28 episode.
Adam Holmes 2015-01-23
The Sex Box Trailer Is Filled With Sex, Angry Faces image
WE TV’s been teasing its new series Sex Box for some time now, and this week the network released the full trailer for Sex Box, a new series that will allow couples to have sex in a box, literally. Check out the first trailer for the new and weird reality series.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-22
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Trailer: Netflix's New Series Looks Strange But Charming image
Netflix has given us a first look at the new series from Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. If you know anything about the project, it’s about as wacky as you’d expect. If you don’t, go ahead and give the first Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt trailer a watch. It needs to be seen.
Jessica Rawden 2015-01-22
The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Has The Characters On The Road Again And Fighting To Survive image
February is almost upon us, and with it brings the return of The Walking Dead for the second half of Season 5. AMC has given us a proper trailer for the remaining episodes, along with a description.
Kelly West 2015-01-20
The Expanse Trailer: Space Sex Is Even Cooler Than You Thought image
Syfy has done an amazing job of flipping its creative approach in the past year, and the upcoming debut season of The Expanse looks like the apex of this original programming resurgence. It's got space, Thomas Jane, and zero gravity intercourse. Just like an average weekend at the Cinema Blend offices.
Nick Venable 2015-01-15
The iZombie Trailer Is Giving Us A Veronica Mars Flashback image
In addition to announcing a March premiere date for their new series iZombie, CW has also debuted a new look at the smalls screen adaptation of the DC comic. Check it out below...
Kelly West 2015-01-11
The Better Call Saul Extended Trailer Is Dramatic And Full Of New Footage image
Seemingly scumbag lawyer, Saul Goodman may not have always been the professional he claims to be when we first met him in Breaking Bad. Take a look at the dramatic extended trailer for Better Call Saul.
Catarina Cowden 2015-01-10
5 Things We Know About The Flash's New Episode, Revenge Of The Rogues image
Flash fans had a pretty feels-intensive mid-season finale, and the show’s now trademark post-credits sting has left us all screaming at our televisions, “THAT’S how they end it???” Thanks to an episode description from the CW, we now know what is in store for us when the show returns on January 20 with the episode “Revenge of the Rogues”.
Kendall Ashley 2015-01-09
Outlander Trailer Reveals An Intense Look At Season 1's Second Half image
While Outlander fans deal with the ongoing "Droughlander" as we await the arrival of the second half of Season 1, Starz isn't leaving us high and dry. The premium cable channel has offered up a brand new trailer and some new photos from Season 1.5 to tide us over...
Kelly West 2015-01-09
The Walking Dead Trailer Shows These Characters Armed And Angry image
AMC just dropped a new promotional video for the second half of Season 5 of The Walking Dead. One this is clear, these characters are not happy. But happiness doesn't matter. As Rick Grimes puts it, surviving is all that matters...
Kelly West 2015-01-09
Watch Will Forte Be The Best At Everything In New Last Man On Earth Trailer image
Will Forte will hopefully conquer the small screen again for his first major project post-SNL, Fox’s The Last Man on Earth. We can’t wait for this one, and this gung ho trailer championing Forte’s skills just makes us want to dive in (that booze pool) even more.
Nick Venable 2015-01-08
5 Things We Know About Arrow's Next New Episode, Left Behind image
Arrow fans were left hanging at the midway point of Season 3 last year, and come January 21, we'll finally get to see what happens next. Or rather, how certain people are dealing with the events of the mid-season finale. And that's as vague as I'm going to be, so consider yourself spoiler-warned about the first half of Arrow Season 3. If you're not caught up, read no further!
Kelly West 2015-01-06
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