New Community Season 6 Trailer: Check Out A Frisbee Avalanche And Other Bits Of Greatness image
A new clip has emerged for Community Season 6, bringing viewers old and new back to Greendale for, you guessed it, one of the quirkiest disasters known to man: the Frisbee avalanche.
Nick Venable 2015-03-16
The Flash Is Finally Back Next Week, Here Are 5 Exciting Details About Out Of Time image
The next episode of The Flash, titled “Out of Time,” will feature a lot of exciting things, including a new Weather Wizard. Here are the five most important details concerning Episode 15.
Adam Holmes 2015-03-13
The Fall Season 3 Trailer Is One Giant Season 2 Spoiler image
In addition to the news that Series 3 of The Fall is officially a go -- with confirmation that its stars are on board to return -- BBC Two has released an excellent little teaser trailer, which is -- no joke -- one big spoiler for the end of Season 2.
Kelly West 2015-03-12
The Full Community Season 6 Trailer Features A Slew Of New Characters image
While there’s still no big talk about a movie, the world will finally get to see Season 6 of Community later this month, and we have our first look at the madness below in a trailer that gives numerous nods to the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer.
Nick Venable 2015-03-03
No New Flash Episode This Week, But Check Out The Awesome Out Of Time Trailer image
The good news is, the next new episode of The Flash looks awesome. The bad news is, we have to wait weeks to see it, as CW has put the freshman superhero drama in reruns until later in March. The CW dropped this little nugget of disappointment in the trailer...
Kelly West 2015-03-03
No New Arrow Episode For Weeks, But Watch This Awesome Trailer For The Offer image
Like The Flash, Arrow is going on an extended hiatus with no new episodes until March 18. Fortunately, The CW has released a promo for Episode 16, titled “The Offer,” for fans to chew on for the next several weeks.
Adam Holmes 2015-02-27
Game Of Thrones Season 5: New Footage Reminds Us How Incredibly Badass Brienne Is image
Today, the show has put together a couple of brand new clips, tying in the series with “The Sight,” a special ability that some are born with in the Game of Thrones universe. The first clip gives us a good look at Brienne of Tarth, looking even more badass than usual.
Jessica Rawden 2015-02-27
Arrow Trailer: Watch Atom Suit Up image
Fans got their first look at Brandon Routh in the A.T.O.M. costume several weeks back, but now we can see what it looks like within Arrow thanks to the 30 second promo for Episode 15, titled “Nanda Parbat.” Take a look!
Adam Holmes 2015-02-19
The Two and A Half Men Finale Trailer Hints At A Charlie Sheen Return image
Charlie Sheen has been openly talking about the possibility of a return to Two and a Half Men for months, and with tonight’s series finale looming, the network has released a trailer for the brand new episode, which is rolling with the title "Of Course He's Dead - Part One and Part Two" and the sub-title “Charlie Harper is alive. Or is he?”
Jessica Rawden 2015-02-19
Bates Motel Season 3 Trailer: Watch Norman Bates Creepily Watch His Mother Get Naked  image
When Bates Motel first opened its doors to audiences in 2013, we all knew that we’d be watching young Norman Bates make the slow and twisted transition from seemingly normal teenager to a crossdressing murderer. And it looks like Season 3 is where that metamorphosis will get turned up to 11.
Nick Venable 2015-02-18
Arrow Trailer Teases A Big 'Return' For Two Characters image
Following up on last week's excellent guest appearance by a certain gone-but-never-forgotten Canary, next week's Arrow is actually bringing back a few other characters from episodes' past. In addition to Cynthia Addai-Robinson's Amanda Waller and Malcolm Merlyn, Two less likely recurring characters are making an appearance in "The Return," one in flashback and the other much more present. More specific spoilers ahead!
Kelly West 2015-02-13
The Joker Is Coming To Gotham, Get Your First Look Here image
Gotham hasn’t been shy about introducing numerous villains in Batman’s city during its first season. Following Monday’s brand new episode of Gotham, the Fox drama aired a brand new preview that gives us our first look at a new villain--The Joker.
Jessica Rawden 2015-02-10
Bloodline Trailer: Netflix's New Series Is Violent And Intense image
With every new project it gets invested in, Netflix proves itself a company that can do very little wrong. The streaming service’s next big drama is Bloodline, an intense, star-studded look at a family forced to confront the multitude of skeletons in its closet. Check out the first trailer.
Nick Venable 2015-02-09
Silicon Valley Season 2 Trailer Is Filthy And Hilarious image
This spring isn’t just about bringing showers and flowers and shit. It’s about laughter, and algorithms, and men learning how to be men. It’s about Season 2 of HBO’s excellent tech satire Silicon Valley, which dropped its messy first promo.
Nick Venable 2015-02-06
3 Reasons To Be Excited About Firestorm On The Flash image
Next week’s episode of The Flash, “The Nuclear Man,” will feature the Scarlet Speedster coming face-to-face with Firestorm. Here are the three main reasons fans should get hyped for the metahuman’s return.
Adam Holmes 2015-02-05
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