10 More Sci-fi Movies That Would Make Great TV Shows image
TV needs more sci-fi. And while we've probably seen enough remakes and reboots in the world, it seems only fair to acknowledge that sci-fi has some pretty fantastic -- and in some cases, underrated -- feature properties with stories or settings that would be perfect for the small screen.
Kelly West 2015-02-20
Exclusive Helix Clip: Watch Alan And Peter Brawl In A Dungeon image
If you aren’t caught up on Season 2 of Syfy’s madness-filled thriller Helix, then you’re missing out on one of the wackiest shows on TV. Episode 5, “Outbliette,” airs Friday night, and we’ve got an exclusive clip that will show you just how thin the bonds of brotherhood can be.
Nick Venable 2015-02-12
NBC May Shift Constantine To Another Network image
This week, NBC renewed a slew of its original programs, but unfortunately for fans of Constantine, the freshman drama was missing from the list. Now, Constantine is being rumored for a network move.
Jessica Rawden 2015-02-08
The Expanse Trailer: Space Sex Is Even Cooler Than You Thought image
Syfy has done an amazing job of flipping its creative approach in the past year, and the upcoming debut season of The Expanse looks like the apex of this original programming resurgence. It's got space, Thomas Jane, and zero gravity intercourse. Just like an average weekend at the Cinema Blend offices.
Nick Venable 2015-01-15
12 Monkeys Review: An Exciting Sci-Fi Journey, If You Forget The Movie Exists image
12 Monkeys is one that runs dangerously close to the clutches of audiences that hold Terry Gilliam’s 1996 film in the upper echelon of time travel fiction. Yet this small screen version manages to elude strictly comparative criticisms by overhauling many of the film’s details and only holding tight to
Nick Venable 2015-01-15
Helix Season 2 Review: No Sophomore Slump For This Syfy Drama image
How in the world could Helix executive producer Ronald Moore expect to match the excitement and surprise fans had watching the show’s first season? Well, of course, you take the doctors out of the arctic lab and send them to a creepy as hell island to investigate the outbreak of a mysterious and deadly disease.
Kendall Ashley 2015-01-15
Watch The First 9 Minutes Of 12 Monkeys Right Here image
Nine minutes from now, do you think you’ll be happy with yourself for watching this preview featuring the first nine minutes of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys, or do you think you’ll want to go back in time and stop yourself from clicking? There’s only one way to find out…
Nick Venable 2015-01-05
Helix Season 2 Trailer: We're In For Some Craziness This Season image
Syfy has released another trailer for Season 2 of Helix, and it gives us the best glimpse that we have gotten so far of the mysterious island and all of the other juicy plotlines the show will introduce in January. From the looks of this trailer, Season 2 will be nuts
Kendall Ashley 2015-01-01
Ascension Night Three Watch: The More Things Change, The More People Die image
Ascension came to a close tonight with Night Three. Is there enough fuel to keep this ship going into another season, or should the crew turn around and head back to Earth? Read on, and see for yourself.
Mike Reyes 2014-12-17
Ascension Night Two Watch: Truths Are Dropping Like Bombs image
Ascension was back with Night Two of its three night voyage towards truth and social disarray. Did it manage to best last night's interesting but mixed premiere? Read on to find out.
Mike Reyes 2014-12-17
Are Ascension's Ratings Good Enough To Move It Forward To Series?  image
Last night marked the first night of Syfy's three night Ascension event. The event drama follows a covert U.S. space mission from 1960 that sent 600 men, women, and children on the starship Ascension to populate a new world. Here's how it did in the ratings.
Kendall Ashley 2014-12-16
Ascension Night One Watch: The Conspiracy Begins image
Ascension took off on its three night voyage tonight! Can it escape the orbit of its influences, or will it splashdown into a pool of cliches? Find out after the jump.
Mike Reyes 2014-12-15
Continuum Is Ending, Get The Details image
Watch out, Continuum fans, for the series is coming to an end on Syfy. But don't worry. They won't leave you hanging after that third season cliffhanger. This is what they're planning instead.
Kendall Ashley 2014-12-08
Superman Is Getting A Syfy Show, Get The Details image
Batman isn’t the only DC superhero getting a prequel TV series. It’s been announced that the Syfy network is putting a series into development revolving around this aspect of Superman mythology. Find out more about the potential drama after the jump.
Adam Holmes 2014-12-08
The Helix Season 2 Extended Trailer Is Creepy But Kind of Awesome image
The Syfy show Helix is certainly no stranger to creepy TV, but it seems like the show is kicking things up a notch with this new extended look at Season 2. If this clip is any indication of what is in store for us this season on Helix, things are going to be pretty creepy and pretty awesome.
Kendall Ashley 2014-12-03
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