Showtime's Underrated Series The Big C Will Be Back For Season 3 image
While I’ve never actually had cancer before, my life has been drastically altered by the disease enough so that I will probably forever be trying to cope with the very existence of it in any form for whatever amount of time I’m given on this earth. It is for this reason in part, that I feel a special fondness for Showtime’s The Big C.
Kelly West 2011-09-01
The Big C Review: Season 2 Off To A Solid Start With More Laughs Than Tears image
In The Big C Cathy’s cancer isn’t the focus of the show so much as the issues surrounding it is. The cancer is the catalyst to force her to face her life and the decisions she needs to make going forward. In Season 1, we began to see her finding the balance between accepting her diagnosis and finding a way to fit it into her life. Season 2 has Cathy moving forward with treatment and trying to adjust to her new reality.
Kelly West 2011-06-26
The Big C Season 2 Trailer: Cupcakes, Cathy, And Cancer image
In less than a week, Cathy is back as The Big C returns to Showtime for it’s second season. Based on this trailer, there are more shenanigans (and maybe a hallucination or two) in store for Cathy as she continues to cope with her fight against cancer. Watching this trailer has me looking forward to the laughter and tears (and sniffling laughter) that may ensue as I watch each episode, should Season 2 manage to live up to the first season. Love this show. Welcome back, Cathy!
Kelly West 2011-06-21
Weeds Season 7 Photos, A New Promo, And Abed's Thoughts On The Big C's Emmy Chances image
If you’ve forgotten how much there is to love about Weeds’ Nancy Botwin and The Big C’s Cathy, this new promo will serve as a great reminder. We also have some photos from the Season 7 premiere of Weeds, and for Community fans, find out what Abed has to say about The Big C when he cracks the formula for Emmy wins as they relate to comedy series.
Kelly West 2011-06-07
Comedy Showrunners Roundtable Video Provides Insight And Laughs image
The Hollywood Reporter, if they do anything right, it's these really interesting roundtable videos that feature actors, writers and directors at the top of their game sitting down to shoot this shit about their craft. This latest installment, in anticipation of the Emmys, features the top comedy showrunners working today.
Jesse Carp 2011-06-06
Weeds Season 7 Plot Details, Two New Guest Stars And A Shiny New Poster image
For those of you looking for a Weeds Season 7 update. There are some casting news and plot details for the upcoming new season, which premieres next month. We also have the new promotional poster for Weeds, along with one for The Big C for you to check out.
Kelly West 2011-05-26
Favorite Female TV Characters Of 2010 image
If our list of our favorite female TV characters from 2010 tells us anything, it’s that there are some truly fantastic women on TV these days!
Television Blend Staff 2010-12-16
2011 Golden Globe TV Nominations: Surprises, Snubs And Speculation image
The nominations are in and after looking over the list of TV contenders for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards, there’s cause to celebrate and as always, cause to complain. Did the Hollywood Foreign Press get it right?
Kelly West 2010-12-14
The Big C Season 1 Finale Preview: Taking The Plunge image
Showtime’s The Big C has to be the most emotionally confusing show on television right now (in a non-frustrating, brilliant sort of way). Next Monday, the series will wrap up its first season and we have some good news to go along with these preview clips!
Kelly West 2010-11-09
The Big C Preview: Liam Neeson As The Bee Man image
Liam Neeson fans will want to check out next Monday’s episode of The Big C as Neeson is set to guest star in the episode. Read on for more info and a clip from the episode.
Kelly West 2010-11-02
Showtime Orders Up More Weeds And The Big C image
As I’m a fan of Weeds and I’ve been enjoying having my emotions toyed with during each new episode of Showtime’s series The Big C, I’m happy to report that both series have been picked up for another season.
Kelly West 2010-09-20
The Big C Review: Laura Linney Changes Her Life In Series Premiere image
Laura Linney is a fantastic actress. Nominated for three Oscars in the last nine years and the winner of three Emmys, she’s never put on a bad performance and regularly draws attention away from the other performances.
Eric Eisenberg 2010-08-14
Liam Neeson To Guest Star On Showtime Series image
Liam Neeson’s played a lot of interesting roles. From Schindler to Qui-Gon Jinn to a vigilant father, the man’s range is endless and it seems that thanks to Showtime, he’ll be adding the role of “Bee Man” to his ever-growing resume.
Kelly West 2010-07-27
My Boys Star Cast In Showtime's The Big C image
My Boys fans will appreciate this bit of casting news. It was reported today that Reid Scott, who plays Brendan Dorff on the TBS comedy has been cast in a recurring role in Showtime’s upcoming series The Big C.
Kelly West 2010-07-06
Idris Elba Will Play An Artist On The Big C image
Idris Elba is used to playing the tough businessman. On The Wire, he played Stringer Bell, an intelligent and ruthless drug lord who ran the business end of the heroin game. As Charles Miner in The Office
Doug Norrie 2010-06-09
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