The Walking Dead Bloodies Its Knuckles With Exclusive Entertainment Weekly Covers image
After four years of gore-soaked action and ho-hum character development, AMCís The Walking Dead is gearing up for its most hardcore season yet. And while magazine covers arenít exactly the best way to show off moments of zombie violence and angsty despair, Entertainment Weekly is putting out four collectible Walking Dead covers for their next issue.
Nick Venable 2014-08-27
Latest Walking Dead Preview Shows Someone Surrounded By Walkers image
Previous teasers for The Walking Dead Season 5 seem to be focusing on the threat posed to Rick and his group by the people at Terminus. The latest teaser reminds us that there's also that pesky zombie problem plaguing the world...
Kelly West 2014-08-27
Is The Walking Dead's Daryl Gay Or Straight? There's A Reason We Don't Know Yet image
Earlier this month, The Walking Dead fans were abuzz over a question comic creator and series executive producer Robert Kirkman addressed pertaining to Daryl's unspecified sexuality in the AMC zombie drama.
Kelly West 2014-08-26
Glenn And Daryl Are In Danger While Rick Drops A Threat In The Latest Walking Dead Preview image
In other words, don't mess with Rick Grimes or his family. Some seriously tough, powerful and scary people have done just that and paid the price. By the smile on his face, it looks like Gareth's pretty amused with Rick's threat...
Kelly West 2014-08-25
The Walking Dead Teaser Goes From Creepy To Terrifying In 10 Seconds  image
The Walking Dead's latest teaser may only be ten seconds long, but it's ten seconds of creepiness and terror to remind us that the zombie drama is poised to return for its anticipated fifth season in a matter of months.
Kelly West 2014-08-20
Could The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon Be Gay? image
Is it possible that The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon might be gay? From what TWD comic-creator Robert Kirkman says on the matter, "It's been discussed." And it sounds like this is a topic that may be addressed in the show at some point.
Kelly West 2014-08-14
Does The Walking Dead Trailer Hint At A Major Character Death? image
Following the release of the first trailer for Season 5 of The Walking Dead, fans were left to dig through the excellently suspenseful and thrilling footage to see what clues the video might offer as to the fate of Rick Grimes and his group, who were last seen
Kelly West 2014-07-29
The Walking Dead Season 5 Will Bring More Violence, Decayed Zombies And Moments From The Comics image
Following the Walking Dead panel in Hall H at Comic-Con in San Diego last week, we had the opportunity to sit with the cast and writers to talk about what's ahead for Season 5 of the zombie drama.
Kelly West 2014-07-29
The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus Explains Daryl's Feelings For Beth image
The Walking Dead regularly emphasizes the bonds that form between two characters. During the seriesí fourth season, Beth and Darylís budding friendship came to the surface as the two were paired up in the post-prison exodus arc.
Kelly West 2014-07-28
The First Six Minutes Of The Walking Dead Season 5 Will Be Brutal image
Get ready for it, The Walking Dead fans. When the AMC zombie drama returns for its fifth season, the opening scene is said to be seriously intense. In fact, from what we were told at Comic-Con by some of the cast and writers, it sounds like the first six minutes of Season 5 are going to be brutal.
Kelly West 2014-07-28
The Walking Dead Trailer Delivers Zombies And Thrills, Season 5 Premiere Date Set image
The Walking Dead panel at Comic-Con is underway, and as we hoped, the AMC drama gave us our first trailer for the highly anticipated fifth season of the zombie drama. Hopefully AMC will get that video online soon enough, but in the meantime, hereís what we sawÖ (Spoilers ahead!)
Kelly West 2014-07-25
The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman Gets Cinemax Pilot For Horror Series Outcast image
Image Comics only released the first issue of Outcast a month ago today, but Cinemax first got involved back in November of last year, when they acquired the spec script. Itís Kirkmanís first pilot, and heís the perfect person for the job.
Nick Venable 2014-07-25
The Walking Dead Showcases Terminus And A Terrifying Tunnel At Comic-Con image
When it comes to show floor displays at San Diego Comic-Con, The Walking Dead can usually be relied on to provide a pretty fantastic zombie-filled display and this year is no exception. We passed by the booth during Preview night and grabbed some photos of the set-up. As you can see in the image above, the train-track tunnel featured in the fourth season of The Walking Dead was part of the set-up for the walk through and photo opportunity for fans of the AMC drama.
Kelly West 2014-07-23
The Walking Dead Season 5 Gets A New Banner Ahead Of Comic-Con image
The Walking Dead Season 5 has a new banner, and just in time for Comic-Con. The latest artwork for the AMC zombie drama depicts some of the main characters in handcuffs inside the train car. And unsurprisingly, their eyes are on the exit.
Kelly West 2014-07-21
The Walking Dead Season 5 Photo Shows Daryl In Danger image
The new still from The Walking Dead is one of those great and terrible teases that we're not sure we're ready to see, because we're way too far away from the premiere of The Walking Dead to be worrying that something might happen to...
Kelly West 2014-07-14
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