Watch The Walking Dead's Carl Grimes Rap In This Hilarious Bad Lip Reading image
With Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead just around the corner, everything we’ve been hearing and seeing is about how it’s going to be the most brutal and action-packed season yet. But none of it can possibly stand up to Carl's outstanding first single "Carl Poppa."
Nick Venable 2014-09-25
 The Reason We'll Probably Never Hear The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon Say He's Gay image
When a TV show is filled with as much surprising death and mayhem as AMC’s The Walking Dead, you'd think the conversational spotlight would remain focused on its main characters' survival, not necessarily who they’re attracted to. Yet when it comes to Norman Reedus’ Daryl Dixon, cable’s most crossbow-ready warrior, a growing section of the series’ audience are curious about whether or not he’s gay.
Nick Venable 2014-09-24
Norman Reedus Lives In The Woods While Shooting The Walking Dead, Because Of Course image
The Walking Dead, out of necessity, is a series about being tough and learning to live off the land with no homestead and little stability. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that some of the actors who play in the series now live similar lifestyles. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl on AMC’s hit series, recently admitted that he lives in the woods, now. Because obviously.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-24
The Walking Dead Season 5 Official Trailer Is Here, And It Is Intense image
The new trailer for The Walking Dead offers thirty seconds of intense footage. Ok, a lot of it is probably familiar to those who've been keeping up with the previews. But there are a couple of new and very exciting tidbits, including Rick's line about this not being over until they're all dead, and Sasha's ominous words, "Three of us are gone."
Kelly West 2014-09-22
Rick And Daryl Fire Back In This Intense Walking Dead Season 5 Preview image
"Hunt or be hunted" is the message that's being promoted with the highly anticipated fifth season of The Walking Dead. Those words come across loud and clear in the latest trailer for Season 5, which you can check out ahead...
Kelly West 2014-09-19
AMC Decided These Movies Are Scary Enough To Pair With The Walking Dead image
AMC always delivers the goods for their annual Fearfest promotion, and they’re bringing a shitload of classics this year in marathon form. It all starts with the network’s gruesome flagship drama The Walking Dead.
Nick Venable 2014-09-18
The Latest Walking Dead Photos Give Us A Bad Feeling About What's Ahead image
Following up on the previous promotional photos and episode stills, The Walking Dead has released some new character photos, which may hint that times are about to get really tough. Or maybe we're supposed to see the light pouring through the cracks of the wall behind them as a sign that there's hope?
Kelly West 2014-09-15
The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Warns You To Never Let Your Guard Down image
As it relates to the start of Season 5 of The Walking Dead, it may be safe to assume that we've seen the bulk of the new footage we're going to see between now and the premiere, with new snippets and teases worked into previously revealed footage. Granted, there's a little over a month until the AMC zombie drama returns for its fifth season, so there's still plenty of time for AMC to promote the series, and we might even get a decent-sized clip or two before the premiere.
Kelly West 2014-09-08
The Walking Dead Spinoff Is Moving Forward, Here Are The Details image
AMC announced on Friday that the cable network is officially working on the Walking Dead spinoff that we’ve been hearing about (and hoping for) for nearly a year. The project is being described as a “companion series” and while the show is not going to go straight-to-series, a pilot has been ordered for the project, which will land in The Walking Dead universe.
Jessica Rawden 2014-09-05
Daryl And Carol Are Reunited In New Walking Dead Photo image
Showrunner Scott Gimple and comic creator Robert Kirkman have been promising fans that Season 5 is going to be the most vicious and action-packed season yet, jumping almost immediately into the aftermath of Season 4’s finale. AMC released a slew of new images that give us a good of what many of the characters will look like in the dark days ahead.
Nick Venable 2014-09-04
The Walking Dead Poster Shows Rick Grimes Looking Armed And Dangerous image
The Walking Dead seems to be taking its most direct approach ever with its key art this time around. The AMC drama's new poster shows off Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes holding a very big gun, looking ready for anything next to the words "Hunt or Be Hunted." "Hunt" seems like one way to put it.
Kelly West 2014-09-02
The Walking Dead Bloodies Its Knuckles With Exclusive Entertainment Weekly Covers image
After four years of gore-soaked action and ho-hum character development, AMC’s The Walking Dead is gearing up for its most hardcore season yet. And while magazine covers aren’t exactly the best way to show off moments of zombie violence and angsty despair, Entertainment Weekly is putting out four collectible Walking Dead covers for their next issue.
Nick Venable 2014-08-27
Latest Walking Dead Preview Shows Someone Surrounded By Walkers image
Previous teasers for The Walking Dead Season 5 seem to be focusing on the threat posed to Rick and his group by the people at Terminus. The latest teaser reminds us that there's also that pesky zombie problem plaguing the world...
Kelly West 2014-08-27
Is The Walking Dead's Daryl Gay Or Straight? There's A Reason We Don't Know Yet image
Earlier this month, The Walking Dead fans were abuzz over a question comic creator and series executive producer Robert Kirkman addressed pertaining to Daryl's unspecified sexuality in the AMC zombie drama.
Kelly West 2014-08-26
Glenn And Daryl Are In Danger While Rick Drops A Threat In The Latest Walking Dead Preview image
In other words, don't mess with Rick Grimes or his family. Some seriously tough, powerful and scary people have done just that and paid the price. By the smile on his face, it looks like Gareth's pretty amused with Rick's threat...
Kelly West 2014-08-25
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