Amazon Has The Complete Run Of HBO's The Wire For Seventy Bucks image
If, like me, you were late to the game on HBO's fantastic crime series The Wire, Christmas has come early courtesy of Amazon. The online retailer has marked the complete series box sex of the show down 64% as its Gold Box deal of the day, which means you can pick up all 60 episodes of The Wire for a paltry $72.49.
David Wharton 2011-08-24
Wire Creator David Simon Says He'll Do Another Season When Drug Policy Is Altered image
It'll be a cold day in hell before we see any more episodes of The Wire, but in the long run, that's probably better. Best to let something brilliant end in dramatic fashion rather than continue for one more go around past its prime
Mack Rawden 2011-06-11
The U.S. Attorney General Wants Another Season Of The Wire image
Talk about fans in high places. HBO's The Wire, created by Ed Burns and David Simon, has received no end of praise over the years, often being held up as an example of the heights serialized TV storytelling can reach. And like any show that has wrapped up its run, there have been plenty of calls for its return. None of those requests, however, have come from the Attorney General of the United States of America. Until now, that is.
David Wharton 2011-06-01
The Wire's Aidan Gillen Joins HBO's Game Of Thrones image
He will play Petyr Baelish, a.k.a “Littlefinger.” Littlefinger is a smooth-talking, number-savvy, two-timing, manipulator...
Doug Norrie 2010-07-13
DirectTV To Air The Wire image
In The Wire, writer and creator David Simon tells the story of life in Baltimore from the eyes of the police officers (corrupt and clean), lowliest drug addicts, street corner dealers, school kids, politicians and seemingly everyone else in between.
Doug Norrie 2010-04-12
Producer And Writer David Mills Dies At 48 image
At the age of 48, while working on the forthcoming HBO series Treme, which he was attached to as head writer and executive producer, David Mills passed collapsed on the set and passed away from a brain aneurysm
Jason J. Hughes 2010-03-31
The Decade: TV's Top 10 Biggest Badasses image
It's not easy being a badass (ask Chuck Norris). The cards are usually stacked against you, time is often running out and its often up to you to save the day. You have to leave your badass-stamp on the whole situation
Doug Norrie, Robin Burdge, Steve West 2009-12-05
Emmy Watch: Comedy And Drama Series Finalists Announced image
Today the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences posted the short list for the Emmy nominations for Best Drama and Best Comedy series. The list includes the top ten vote-getters for each category and this weekend, screenings will take place to decide which shows actually make it on to the official nomination ballot.
Kelly West 2008-06-27
TV Recap: The Wire - The Dickensian Aspect image
The bullshit McNulty was selling — and everyone was buying — last week only served to spit shine Mayor Carcetti's image with the press this week. Thanks to McNulty and Freamon's bogus serial killer, Carcetti got the chance to act like a leader with a cause.
Mike Moody 2008-02-10
TV Recap: The Wire - React Quotes image
This ep had me asking myself ... Who’s worse? McNulty or Templeton? The two biggest b.s. artists on The Wire formed an unofficial alliance that finally got McNulty's bogus serial killer a front page headline and Templeton a so-called story with legs.
Mike Moody 2008-02-04
TV Recap: The Wire - Transitions image
Omar's back and Prop. Joe's dead. Cold-blooded Marlo is making big, bloody waves, and with the backing of the Greeks and an unflinching crew, it looks he might rule the streets by the time The Wire shuts down for business. Still, it's hard to shake the feeling that Omar might get the chance to aim that sawed-off shotgun at his skinny rival's head.
Mike Moody 2008-01-28
TV Recap: The Wire - Uncomfirmed Reports image
McNulty's drinking all day, staying out all night, screwing around on Beadie and strangling dead bodies. Still, who can blame him? City Hall pulls the plug on the Marlo investigation and more bodies start to pile up. The FBI refuses to bankroll the case and it looks like a year's worth of intel on Marlo's deadly crew will go to waste.
Mike Moody 2008-01-14
TV Recap: The Wire - More With Less image
The Wire has always focused on Baltimore's crooks and cops, giving both equal screen time, but most seasons add a new setting (the port, city hall, the classroom) that is directly affected by the action on the streets. With the first ep of the fifth and final season, Simon, who scripted the ep, begins to draw parallels between the Baltimore Police Department's overall downslide and that of The Baltimore Sun newsroom.
Mike Moody 2008-01-07
2008 Winter TV Preview: The Wire image
Everything I’ve ever heard or read about The Wire has been good. People who like this show rave about it incessantly. I’m sure it deserves at least some of the hype it’s gotten but for whatever reason, I just haven’t gotten around to watching it. I am kind of curious to see if the show really is as good as people say it is.
Kelly West 2008-01-05
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